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Modern Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Modern bedroom ideas and contemporary architecture can make your bedroom really stylish and comfortable. We can use the best furniture and right color combination and you can also decorate it with a mix of old and new design. AHD furniture manufactures in Kerala deal with a wide range of furniture in our gallery and the customers can purchase it as per their taste. AHD furniture showroom in Cochin uses a good color tone and uses unique features, best material, comfort and offers easy functional furniture. We use modern methods to design our furniture.  Our bedroom concept is very simple using minimal furniture but it can make a big impact on everyone. Let’s check the features of modern furniture design. 

Headboard Design

In Modern bedroom design, we can see a long head board which will help for reading books, it gives proper back support and we can comfortably sit and enjoy the time in our cot. The design of the headboard is very minimal, using curved and square design. AHD wooden furniture dealer in Kerala our furniture is made of solid teak wood and rosewood and this wood can give long life and can enhance the beauty of furniture.

Design of Bedroom Cot

The design of the cot is an important element in the bedroom design. Every homeowner needs a very pleasant and comfortable cot for their bedroom. Most of the cots are available in two sizes. One is a King size bed and the other one is a queen size bed. Considering your home size, you can pick the right one for your home. At AHD furniture shop in Kochi, you can see the master bedroom cot, kids room bed, guest room cot and various designs of bed for different rooms.

Use of Bedside Table 

Bedside table or night stand we place by the side of the bed. We can go for any side of the bed or use both sides depending on the size of our room and if we want storage on both sides, we can use two bedside tables. The design of the bedside table is minimal and comes with a storage facility and on the top of the table you can use the bed lamps which you will need when you are reading a book and checking phones. AHD furniture stores in Ernakulam offer all kinds of bedroom furniture: wooden cots, bedside tables with storage almirah for home, dressing tables with stools etc…

Dresser and Wardrobe

In Many of the modern bedroom concepts we can see a two door almirah / wardrobe and dressing table with storage. We already discussed that in modern bedroom design we can see very minimal work and best material furniture. Most of the home owners prefer wooden wardrobes which we can use for many years and it prevents all weather conditions and dressers come with beveled glass and storage facilities. AHD furniture showroom in Ernakulam offers the best wardrobe design and dressing unit for home. 


These are the very basic and important concepts of furniture for modern bedroom ideas. One we pick up the furniture for home, always consider the room space and design that is an important factor you should follow. Now are you thinking about the best furniture shop near me, then you would not look any further than AHD. 


If you are looking for the best furniture store near me, we are located in Kadavanthra near Kadavanthra and Kaloor metro stations.  Don’t miss this opportunity to buy the best furniture for your home from us.

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