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The budget bedroom ideas for your apartment

The bedroom is the most relaxing space in our home. It gives a positive vibe intended for rest and privacy, after a hard-working day. Choosing the best furniture for your bedroom is always tough and practical which will help you for the day-to-day activities. You can select the latest bedroom combo option from our furniture showroom in Kochi. We used solid wood for designing the best furniture. Most of our furniture is made of Nilambur Teak and Nilambur Rosewood. You can select the different furniture categories like consoles in teak wood, rose wood sofa sets, queen size beds in teakwood, queen size cot in teak wood, wooden side tables, cane weaving easy chairs, diwan in rosewood and teakwood, wooden dining table sets, etc. from our furniture store in Cochin. You can see the exciting collection of furniture available in different price ranges of different models. You can see the different models of living area furniture, dining room furniture, and bedroom furniture, indoor and outdoor furniture in its classic and contemporary designs.

We already discuss the simple and budget range furniture for living room and dining rooms in our previous blogs. This blog focuses on the budget range bedroom furniture for home. You can explore the latest collection of furniture and can select the right furniture for your home from AHD furniture showroom in Cochin. If you are searching for the best furniture shop in Ernakulam then you wouldn’t look any further than AHD. We can satisfy all your needs.

How can I select the right cot for the bedroom?

We all ask this question in furniture shops. Sometimes you will not be satisfied with the answers. Cot is always one of the leading role characters in our bedroom furniture. Before buying a cot, you should understand the size of your rooms. How many people will sleep in the room is one of the major aspects you should consider before buying a cot. Then you can choose the right cot for your bedroom. You can also check the questions given below:

  1. Queen size? Or king size?

Another major doubt is queen size? Or king size? Suppose you have a spacious room you can definitely go for a King size option. It can be suitable for a father, mother and two children. The international standard size of queen size is 180*200 cm (inner size or mattress size), you can get good space in this bed. If you have a compactive room, you can choose the Queen size cot. It is designed for smaller families and the size of the queen sizecot is 150*200 cm. You can see different sizes of cot in our furniture mart in Cochin, as per the customer order we can customize the cots.

  1. Is the wooden cot important for bedrooms?

The advantage of wooden cot is it is always long lasting and you can use it for many years and it is very easy to maintain. If you can easily detach and transfer to anywhere. The multiword and other M.D.F or H.D.F furniture you can’t use for many years, compared to wood it is very weak and cheap. In our furniture shop in Cochin, all cots are made of Nilambur Teak and Nilambur Rosewood.

What is the importance of bedside table furniture in the bedroom?

A nightstand, also known as night table, bedside table, day stand or bedside cabinet, is a small table or cabinet designed to stand beside a bed or elsewhere in a bedroom. Nightstands are usually small bedside tables, often with one or sometimes more drawers and/or shelves and less commonly with a small door. You can store your charger and wallet inside the bed table. On the top of the table, you can keep your night lambs, mobiles, books etc.

Wardrobe and dressing table the same?

Dressing table and wardrobes are two different categories of furniture and it is the important furniture in our bedroom. Wardrobe and dressing table are used for different purposes. A wardrobe is mainly used for keeping our dresses inside. It contains many shelves so we can orderly arrange our dress. A dressing table is a piece of furniture that we use while we dress and apply makeup. It comes up with a mirror, table and one stool. AHD furniture store in Cochin, wardrobes are available as door wardrobes, two door and 3 door wardrobes. As per the customer request we designed compactive wardrobes and dressing tables for customers that will fit for their space.

You can see a good collection of bedroom furniture at the AHD furniture showroom in Cochin. You can easily access our furniture store by road and metro. AHD is located in Kaloor – Kadavanthra Road. Our showroom is also near the south Railway station. South K.SR.T.C stand and Kaloor and Kadavanthra metro stations. Check out our furniture store in Cochin and explore all the new collections and follow AHD furniture shop in Kochi on Facebook and Instagram.

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