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Benefit of cane furniture in Modern Times

Canes are generally referred to as eeta or chooral especially in Kerala that is one of the states in India. Canes are generally wood-like vines which grow up to about a hundred feet long, climb up over most things and thrives in tropical climates. It generally is flexible when it is heated and is also durable. If you are looking to buy cane furniture in cochin, Antique Home Decor is the place.

Cane is also considering good for health as you can only sit for a couple of hours in plastic chairs but cane chairs you can sit on for any number of hours. It is also healthier for peoples with diabetes because is cool down the body. In the olden days families always used cane cradles and this was handed down from generation to generation. ANTIQUE HOME DECOR is a leading house of Teak and Rosewood Furniture offering Exotic collections of Furniture striving to bring to you the best designs of Furniture crafted with a promise to last for heirlooms.  Our furniture showroom in Kochi is very accessible to anyone since it is located at the heart of the city.

cane furniture in cochin

Cane vs. Bamboo

Bamboo and cane are two species of grass that are used in day-to-day life for a myriad of purposes. At first glance, it may be extremely difficult to tell these two apart. Which is why discerning the difference between bamboo and cane in depth is necessary when it comes to differentiating one from the other.

Cane weaving furniture’s

In context of furniture, caning is the method of weaving chair seats or other furniture. When compared to normal furniture’s. Furniture weaved in cane has an elegant look. In the modern context requirements for cane woven furniture is steadily rising. Weaving a chair is an art.  takes a lot of concentration and patience. At Antique Home Decor (AHD) we display a wide variety of cane woven furniture. We specialize in providing customized/personalized furniture to our customers in a very short span of time. You can grab your dream furniture by sending your thoughts or ideas or design to us. We shall make your dream furniture come true. We introduce the concepts of art, craft, functionality, and beauty through our furniture. AHD furniture covers a complete range of furnishing and interior décor services. Antique Home Decor is one of the best and the biggest furniture showroom in Kochi, Ernakulum. AHD offers an impressive collection of world-class furniture, in a variety of styles from classic-antique to chic-contemporary. Our furniture collection is created from the most elegant of designs, using the finest and best quality wood and the best of craftsmanship; providing you with furniture which is elegant yet comfortable, beautiful yet functional, and luxurious

Features of cane weaving furniture

  • Appearance and style
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive and artistic
  • Durable
  • Sustainable for style
  • Nature friendly

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