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Kochi: The Kernel of business in Kerala

Kerala is the southernmost and one the most beautiful states in India. What sets it apart from the other states is its deep-rooted tradition and culture, which is unique and vibrant to say the least, and of course, the people. We ‘mallus’, as we are fondly addressed by fellow statesmen, are known to be hardworking, adaptable and technically suave making us a highly valued workforce abroad. This can be attributed to the fact that the majority of the population is highly qualified as Kerala is the first state to achieve 100 percent literacy rate. The inflow of foreign remittances has helped to a large extent to stabilize the economy of Kerala attracting investors from around the world, with many multinational companies having branches in Kerala and a majority of it being located in Kochi. What developed as a commercial hub during colonial rule, Kochi, to this day has maintained its reputation of being the focal point of business in Kerala, giving opportunities to new business ventures. Due to the ascend in population and employment in the area, Kochi is now classified as a TIER 2 city by the Government of India and this gives wings to entrepreneurs, IT and ITES to soar to great heights.

Kochi attracts good investment opportunities due to its better standard of living since all housing, shopping, schooling, medical, food, and banking facilities are available in Cochin. It is strategically positioned geographically and the airport and one of the main seaports in India are located nearby creating an additional advantage for business in Cochin. This helps in importing and exporting goods to different states and countries through the Cochin seaport.

Every year luxury passenger cruises carrying tourists, mostly foreigners, get anchored at Cochin Willingdon Island. These tourists visit the several historical monuments, the traditional and handcrafted shops and factories and enjoy the serene back water services. Various handicraft products are much sought after and have a market worldwide. Other than handcraft material, Kochi is also famous for clothes, spices, and furniture. Several shops catering these commodities can be seen in and around Kochin.

Transportation is one of the key factors binding the city making every nook and corner easily accessible. You can see Kochi Metro Rail and other government and public transport vehicles which includes intercity and interstate services. Boat service is also available in some areas.

Kochi is the main hub for car showrooms, international luxury brand cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Range Rover, Jeep, Porsche, Audi, etc. are available here. The people in the city are very upbeat and keep up with the latest market trends. Kochi is one of the main markets and every year, a good number of cars are sold.

Restaurant and star hotels also maintain international standards. Geographically, Kochi is one of the best cities for starting star hotels owing to its natural beauty with initiatives such as lake facing hotels, sea facing hotels, etc. The pristine beauty of Kochi attracts many tourists who are offered good packages with quality service. Such projects are one of the most profitable businesses in Kerala ensuring good returns and numerous job opportunities for the localities.

Real estate is yet another sector that is doing well with new villa projects and housing and apartment projects being sold at the blink of an eye. The land value in the city is very high. Many builders invest in apartment projects more suited for the fast-paced lifestyle. Furniture and home interior business in Kochi have a huge market with furniture and interior design firms like ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD Furniture), Nattuzi, Simply sofa, Stanly, etc gaining popularity. Kerala design furniture has a huge fan base in other states and countries too.

Another important business industry in Kochi is the clothing business. Fashion travels fast in this country, and there is a lot of demand for anything and everything in vogue. But it’s not necessary to offer a massive variety of apparels. Here we have both national and international brands available with their own outlets. Although it would require significant capital initially, it would be worth it in the long run if done correctly. You’d need to hire professionals to sew and purchase sewing machines and other equipment. Once you get a place where you’d produce articles, you can move on to tie up with stores.

Starting a new business in Kochi is a good idea because you can easily find out the professionals, space for offices, warehouses and easily available transportation, nearby airport, shipping ports etc. Which is why you can see lots of startup businesses doing very well and you can get the attention of people and advertise your products and services through online and social media platforms. Kochi offers a reliable infrastructure at a very low cost. The start-up costs are substantially lower. Rentals, power, water, transport along with salaries are also very low thus keeping the operating cost lower as compared to other locations. Kochi is emerging as the most preferred holiday destination, the government has made very favorable policies and taken some stern steps to promote tourism in the state. This has opened up a lot of new avenues for investors and immense scope for the future which looks promising.

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