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Importance of Kerala Wooden Furniture

Kerala is renowned for its unique designs of wooden furniture depicting its rich cultural heritage. The carving works of Kerala are very popular worldwide. The uniqueness of Kerala wooden furniture lies in its intricate craftsmanship, attention to detail and the wood used to make the furniture. Kerala woods especially Kerala Nilambur Teakwood and Kerala Nilambur Rosewood has very good markets across India and is known for its strength, durability, economic viability, comfort, and aesthetics. It can be used for long periods of time such that it can be handed over to the next generations. All of this furniture represents deep seated values; which tell the story of hard work, determination and patience. During the colonial era the British were drawn to the peculiar features of Nilambur Teakwood and Nilambur Rose wood that they decided to transport the woods to London and other parts of the world to manufacture luxury furniture, which can be seen in some palaces.

At ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD Furnitures) we study all the features regarding Nilambur Teakwood and Nilambur Rosewood. We are one of the best furniture dealers in Ernakulam. All of the furniture outlets display our best designs. We have researched meticulously for this furniture because we evaluate every single process from its authentic design to the manufacture. At our furniture gallery in Kochi, you can see the wooden carving works, curving works, cane works and grassy works. They are pure examples of our artistic Kerala wooden works preserving our traditional craftsmanship. This furniture is very economical and can be used in any kind of weather. Also, it is suitable for any style of house such as Contemporary house, Traditional house etc. This is the best furniture for flats, best furniture for villas, best furniture for apartments and it adds good value for money. AHD Furnitures welcomes you to the best furniture mart in Cochin. You can visit our showroom and check out our furniture if you are looking for the best sofa in Eranakulam, or Best Dining table in showrooms in Kochi, or Best living room furniture shops or best cabinetry stores, or best console table furniture, or best indoor furniture or best wooden furniture showrooms. You can directly contact us and we will direct you to the best furniture. If you want to know more about Kerala wooden furniture, go through the blog.

Strength and durability of Kerala wooden furniture

You can use Kerala wooden furniture for a long period of time and you can use it in any kind of weather conditions. In Kerala, for six months we have the monsoon season and another six months the summer season. So the wood used should overcome both these weather conditions. If we manufacture wooden furniture in very old teak wood or rosewood, the quality of the furniture is far superior to any other wood and is known to withstand the damp and humid weather. It will give good output and is also far better than any other imported wood.

Nilambur teak wood and rose wood has some natural oil content which gives a good shelf life to the wood. Other advantages include value for your money and also less maintenance. In addition to this teak wood and rosewood furniture also feels great to the touch and look when compared with the other wood alternatives. There are other hardwoods which are nearly as strong as teak, and rose wood but the natural beauty of Teak wood and Rosewood is not easily found in those woods. Mainly because of this reason, Teak wood and Rosewood is so much popular in and around the world. Teak wood and Rosewood are very heavy and dense wood. It has a high weight to volume ratio. A very basic rule in woodworking is that the denser and heavier a wood is, the stronger it will be. This can be considered as a beneficial trait of Teak wood and Rosewood.

How to care for your Kerala wooden furniture

Proper care of furniture is one of the most important factors. Wooden furniture always has less maintenance compared to any other furniture material. Earlier particle board, MDF, HDF furniture were in high demand in the market because they had an artificial glossy look and were available at a very cheap price. In 2018 when Kerala faced a natural calamity in the form of floods, most of the particle board furniture were rendered a failure and unusable. At that time wooden furniture had less maintenance and it survived that situation. Of course, it did require some re- polishing and cane weaving work and some minor damage in the wooden frame but it was still usable. This is the main advantage of Teakwood and Rosewood.

You can care for your furniture very easily by cleaning the wooden furniture with soft cotton cloth so that you can avoid scratches. If your cushion cover is a removable one you can wash it in laundry. Use a brush to clean the cane weaving. Also don’t forget to clean the bottom portion of your furniture. Yearly if you polish your furniture, you can maintain the freshness of your furniture. Come to the fabric section where the customer can do shampoo wash for the cushions or if you don’t have the time to care for your fabrics personally you can arrange sofa cleaning people who will do the needful. These are basic cleaning instructions for wooden furniture. Compared to MDF and HDF furniture it needs less maintenance and you can use it in any condition and use it for a long term. Good value for your money!

At ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR we make sure to give proper service to our customers when it is needed. Our staff will always stay connected with our customers in case any doubt arises at any step of the way or they can feel free to call us. We sell furniture and furnishing items and now we are available online also. We deal with sofas, coffee tables, side tables, side lamps, diwan cots, console tables, chest of drawers, telephone stands, trunk boxes, cots, bed sides, dining tables, dining chairs, mirrors, office and study tables.

Our furniture store near Kadavanthra,situated at the Heart of Ernakulam City, Near to South Railway Station and North Railway Station.  You can access our showroom via any Metro Station as our showroom is conveniently located near both Kaloor and Kadavanthra Metro Station. If you are looking for a furniture showroom near Edapally or furniture store near Palarivattom, or a furniture shops near Kalamassery, or furniture Mart nearby Perumbavoor, or furniture store near Muvattupuzha, or furniture shops near Angamaly, or furniture showroom near Kalady, furniture store near Thripunithura or furniture marts near vytilla, or furniture shop near Elamakkara, furniture shop near Ravipuram, or furniture store near Thoppumpady, or furniture near Vytilla, or furniture showroom near Nedumbassery, you can easily access AHD Furnitures Ernakulam store. Once you visit our Kochi showroom you can feel the hard work and craftsmanship. All of our products are evaluated at every stage during its processing time to bring only the best for you.

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