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Chest of Drawers -Advantages in Dining Room

A chest of drawers is the perfect storage space for different needs and provides an essential compliment for your rooms. Chest drawers are used in different sections in our home. The purpose of the chest of drawers is that it can give a good visual focal point and at the same time we can use this as a storage cabinet. The top of the chest of the drawer we can use for decoration. Inside we can use it for storage purposes. In this article we will also see the advantage of having a chest of drawers in the kitchen. AHD furniture manufactures in Kerala offer amazing designs of chest of drawers available in various sizes and designs. AHD furniture showroom in Cochin, we have displayed our chest of drawers which you can use in the living room, bedroom, dining room, and hallway and once you place the chest of drawers it will attract many eyes.

Chest of Drawers in the Dining Room

You can use a chest of drawers in the dining room to give additional storage space.  If you have a crockery shelf in your dining room you can keep a chest of drawers near the crockery cabinet. Top of the table you can decorate with a beautiful ceramic bowl, plates, and other things relating to dining. Inside the cabinet you can store kitchen towel, place mats, table runner, fork, knife etc, the item wasn’t kept in the crockery shelf. AHD, the wooden furniture manufacturers in Kerala deal with Wooden chest of drawers and cabinets   made of Teakwood and Rosewood.

The Design Specification of Chest of Drawers

Chest of drawers is available in various designs and models. The design of the chest of the cabinet is familiar for everyone. It is mainly used for storing the cloth and other items. It is an essential piece of furniture that can be incorporated in every home. The chest of drawers is made of solid wood and uses ceramic and brass handles. The handles are an important feature; it can highlight the look of the cabinet. Also, we can see grove work in the cabinet. Some of the chest cabinets come with brass inlay works. AHD furniture stores in Ernakulam, have specially designed chest of drawers and cabinets. The design quality of the chest cabinet is just amazing, this cabinet can be used for any format in the house.

The Advantages of Chest of Drawer in the Dining Room

  • Storage space
  • Focal point of dining room
  • Easily movable to any place
  • On behalf of the side table, you can use the chest of drawers
  • Saving the space of dining room




Chest of drawers is the best storage solution for your home. If you are looking for a furniture shop near me, then you would not go any further than AHD.




Are you thinking which is the best furniture shop near me then AHD is the right place? The AHD furniture showroom in Cochin is very close to you. Our furniture outlet in Ernakulam is located in Kadavanthra near Kadavanthra Metro station and Kaloor Metro station.

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