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Corner Stands at AHD Furniture

Do you often stare at the bare corners of your home and feel like something is amiss? Corners are possibly one of the most ignored places in the house, which however, with the right decor and accessories can be converted into the most creative and artistic places. Corner tables are one such compact and extremely useful furniture in every home. They will give a versatile look to your living room. Nowadays we can decorate this furniture in any manner, for different purposes such as to keep our decors, store our book collection, kitchen décor collections, indoor plants etc. as per our interior choice. Here at ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD) Furniture, you can see the excellent collection of corner cabinets in our furniture shop in Cochin.

The different collection of well-designed and trendy furniture is a trademark of the AHD Furniture showroom in Kochi, one of the leading mainstream furniture outlets.  If you scroll for the latest collection at furniture stores in Cochin or furniture shops in Kochi, you will undoubtedly arrive at AHD furniture outlet in Cochin. All of our products are made of solid Nilambur Teak wood and Nilambur Rosewood. Now are you excited to know which is the best furniture showroom in Kochi? Or which is the top furniture store in Cochin? Then look no further than AHD furniture.

This blog specifies the best corner shelf, you can see at our Cochin furniture gallery

Corner mini (Imported Teak  )

The corner space can be decked up to look amazing with this corner stand. It will give a freshness to the area and inside the side table you can keep your favorite things, as well as utilize the space very well. This corner mini is made of imported teak wood. It has a beautiful glass double door and the handle of the door is designed in brass.  You can appreciate the excellence of grooving and carving work.

French Corner stand (  Teak)

The idea of adding a corner table is to basically enhance the verticality of the space. This French corner stand is a beautiful piece of art which in itself speaks of the intricate and exemplary craft work. This corner stand is made of pure solid teak wood and you can see the typical French design elements. Back side is decorated with a mirror. The bottom portion comes with one drawer. Legs have beautiful carving work and also you can see the classiness of reaper work.

At ANTIQUE HOME DECOR (AHD) you can see a wide range of furniture collections under one roof. These furniture are entirely different from any other furniture showrooms in Cochin and you can select them from our vast array according to your taste and preference. Our furniture store in Kochi has a wonderful choice of the latest / trendy collection of furniture. AHD furniture shop in Kochi is located at Kadavanthra, you can visit our shop and share your experience with your family and friends.