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A shelf for your crockery and kitchen items

A crockery unit is a piece of furniture that is quite familiar in our home. The kitchen and dining areas will surely seem incomplete if you don’t have a perfect display cabinet. A well-designed crockery unit can transform the ambiance and appearance of the dining room. You can upgrade your display cabinet in many ways.

AHD furniture store in Cochin displays different models of crockery shelves which are perfectly designed for any type of home. Our crockery unit is made of solid Teakwood and Rosewood woods. These woods can reflect the real elegance of the furniture. In our furniture shop in Kochi, you can customize the size of the crockery shelves. Today crockery units are available in various models and designs that can complement your home décor. To Know various models and types of the display shelf, visit ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD, you can see the best furniture in Ernakulam.

Crockery shelf

Crockery cabinets are known as crockery shelf, display shelf, display cabinet etc.  Crockery units are used to store the cutlery and other serving items. It seems to be placed near the dining room and kitchen. Inside the display shelf you can see many shelves and drawers to display / store the items. Crockery units are one of the versatile pieces of furniture with stylish and trendy designs available in AHD furniture showroom in Cochin. Hurry up and buy a crockery shelf for your home.


Why should a crockery cabinet be in your home?

  • One of the biggest advantages that a crockery unit offers is that you can store or display your crockery collection inside the cabinet.
  • Almost all the crockery units use glass in the front door along with cabinets and drawers. And you can keep the crockery cleaner and more hygienic. If you use your expensive collection of crockery on a special occasion you can perfectly store it inside this.
  • Display cabinets are standalone shelves that you can easily keep in your dining area.
  • Display shelf can also be used as a multi-function shelf instead of crockery you can keep magazines and other décor pieces.
  • If you are living in a compact space, you can perfectly organize all your crockery.

AHD furniture shop in Ernakulam deals with almost all kinds of crockery shelf models.

Glory of Glass door crockery unit

Glass door crockery cabinet is the familiar display unit. This crockery table can be used for any concept of home projects. Glass fronted display unit still has admirers and we can see the solid wooden frame in this shelf. The shelves inside the unit are made of wood or glass which is perfect for dining and kitchen. You can see the corner and standalone glass display tables in AHD furniture store in Ernakulam.

Pick the right finish and design crockery cabinet for your home 

The wide range of display cabinets makes it difficult for the client to arrive at a decision. AHD furniture shop in Cochin will guide you to the perfect decision. You can get many options in various colors and designs of the crockery units. You can definitely consider the color of the walls and other furniture in the room. It is very easy to make a perfect decision. We already discuss display cabinets as the stand-alone furniture that come up with glass doors, wooden crockery units and many more. Also, if you are interested in mini bars in the dining area you can pick some big crockery unit. It will include your liquor collection and crockery collection; you can manage both in one cabinet. Now you are interested to buy the crockery furniture get the best furniture from AHD furniture store in Kochi


Check the available space in your home

Before buying a display cabinet you should check your available space. If you have any space issue you can customize this furniture as per your requirements. And you can give better suggestions about the designs and to ensure the height and width which will be the important factors. You can also opt for a compact cabinet. If you have a huge area, you can cover it by buying a big cabinet. The design selection should complement your existing home décor.



Furniture is the product that will spread good vibes to your home. Buying furniture will reflect your personal choice and taste. Are you looking to add some of the best crockery shelves to your home furniture? AHD is one of the best furniture manufacturers in Kochi. We have a huge range of outstanding collections of wooden furniture. Our furniture showroom in Cochin is the platform to experience the best furniture collections in the city. We are located at Kadavanthra near Kadavanthra metro point and G.C.D.A.  If you are traveling from Kakkand, Kalamassery, Aluva, Kaloor and Palarivattom, we are very near to you. Visit ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD) to see the quality and uniqueness of wooden furniture.

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