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Dining chair at AHD

Matching chairs and tables are considered to be boring and predictable by many interior experts. But some swear by it. Today’s contemporary homes and global trends have introduced many types of pantry chairs that you can mix and match. More options mean more confusion?

Wooden dining chairs are one of the perfect pieces that you can blend with any kind of dining tables. An item of dining chair furniture that is used during meal time with a dining table. A dining chair comes with four legs, a backrest, with / without armrest and seating portion. Usually dining chairs have different models. It is always people’s choice that they can select the right one. The purpose of the dining chair is for people to comfortably sit and enjoy the meals.

At ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD) furniture, one of the biggest wooden furniture stores in Kochi, showcases different types of dining chair models for houses, apartments and flats. You can explore all our collections and have the best furniture experience centers / shops in Kochi. When you are planning for a new house and what furniture you want to include inside the house? You can see the individual categories of furniture in our showroom and you can pick the right one for your home. Will help you to furniture for your home. Now if you think about the best furniture showroom in Eranakulam then you would not look for other than AHD furniture store in Kochi.

This blog talks about the dining chair collection available in teak wood and rose wood finish at AHD.

Chair nano (Teak)

Chair nano is the compactive breakfast /dining chair model that you can use in flats / villas / apartments. The size of the chair will match with any dining table as the seating height is in standard measurements. It is made of solid wooden teakwood and you can see the curved wooden works in the back side of the chair. Our furniture showroom in Kochi will customize the color of the seats and you can comfortably enjoy your delicious meals.

Dining chair cross (Teak)

Dining chair cross is the beautiful dining chair with a cushion. This chair is made of teak wood and on the back side of the chair has cross wooden work which gives a good back rest. In our furniture gallery in Cochin, we do customize the products based on the customer requests.

Dining chair curved reaper (Teak)

Dining chair curved reaper is made of teakwood and it has curved reaper works on the back side. If customers want to alter the design of the chair, you can visit our furniture shop in Ernakulam and our executive will guide you.

Dining chair reaper (Teak)

Dining chair reaper is one of the beautiful contemporary dining chairs for any kind of dining table. You can use this for a 4 seater, 6 seater and 8 seater dining table. It is also made of teakwood and has reaper work. Our furniture store in Kochi always makes the best product that gives a good comfort feeling to the clients.

Dining chair reaper with cane (Teak) 

Dining chair reaper with a cane is made of teak wood. Curved wooden reaper design is used in this chair. Centre part of the chair has cane weaving work. The curved wooden reaper works gives a suitable seating position. You can find the best cane weaved furniture in AHD furniture showroom in Ernakulam.

Dining chair with cane work (rosewood)

Dining chair with cane work is made of rosewood. Traditional heritage design is used in this chair. Front and back sides of the chair have cane weaving work. Rounded wooden legs with carving work are given in this chair. Head side of the chair has a curved design.

You can see the beauty of teakwood and rosewood furniture in our furniture mart in Cochin. If you are searching for a furniture store near me then AHD furniture will always be in your top list. Visit us and we can take over the furniture requirements of your home.

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