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Dining table at AHD

The heart of your home is the kitchen or dining room, where meals are prepared and enjoyed, and your family gathers. More than just a place to eat, the dining room table has evolved into something much more. It’s transformed into your home office, a virtual classroom for your children, a location for Zoom meetings with friends and family, and a space for puzzles, crafts, and games. So many of our memories with our families take place around the kitchen or dining room table. if you wondering about a furniture shop or furniture store near me then look no further than AHD

Glass top dining table sets are lovely pieces of furniture that can open up a space and make it feel more inviting and pleasant. The transparent quality of glass helps in distributing the light better and thus creates the illusion of space, making your dining room appear larger and more spacious. It brings out the natural beauty of the wooden furniture. Attraction and magnetism are created by the combination of glass and wood.

Glass dining tables will look great in both modern and traditional homes and will complement your existing décor. Cleaning and maintaining a glass dining table is also a breeze. We may remove the glass during transportation. As one of the trusted furniture stores in Kochi, ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD) has a variety of dining table selections. If the customer has a certain design in mind, we can personalize the furniture to match their demands. Dining tables are available in a variety of styles at the AHD Furniture Shop in Kochi. You can feel the high level of craftsmanship, quality, and design skill, once you visit AHD, the best furniture marts in Kochi.

Dining table 6-seater with glass top (Teak)

One of the best furniture for house is a Dining table 6-seater with a glass top. This strong teakwood table can be used as a pantry table or a dining table. Each leg of this table is carved from a single piece of wood, as can be seen. It has a pleasing appearance and will go with any décor. Six persons can comfortably sit and enjoy their good food time. Visit your AHD furniture store in Ernakulam if you’re seeking the best dining tables or wooden pantry tables.

Dining table 4-seater with glass top (Teak)

This dining table is the ideal furniture for flats since it can fit into a compact space. A glass dining table may enhance your visual appeal while also being sturdy. This dining set is comprised of solid teak wood, with a 12mm toughened glass tabletop that is both sturdy and low maintenance. It is one of the best pieces of home furniture because it takes up very little room. Glass adds an illusion that makes your dining space look wider and larger. With its transparent characteristic, your guests get the impression that your home has a wider floor area


Dining table amaze plain with glass top (Teak)

Teakwood is used to construct this table. This table’s center is nicely embellished with designed stone. The main advantage of this type of glass countertop table is a small glass pot or any ceramic-designed item. Our Cochin AHD Furniture store is continually introducing new and trendy furniture to our consumers. You are welcome to come to visit our furniture shop in Kochi Kadavanthra and experience the quality of our wooden furniture.

Dining table heavy with glass top (Teak)

This dining table is the best furniture for villas. It can add a lot of style to your dining room. You can serve a meal for 6 to 8 people. Beautiful Kadachil works adorn the table’s legs, which hold the 12mm toughened glass top with a wooden cross. The sturdy Teakwood utilized in this dining table is the main attraction. It has a long lifespan and good value for the money.

Dining table panel heavy with glass top

Glass dining tables are available in a versatile style and designs to appeal to a wide range of customers. Solid teakwood and 12mm toughened glass make up this dining table. The solid wooden frame is the table’s main feature. As per the customer requirements, we can provide clear glass or blackout glasses.

At AHD Furniture – one of the finest furniture marts in Cochin, we provide the finest quality products for our customers. This is one of the best furniture shops near you/me. Are you thinking which is the best furniture showroom in Cochin? or which is the top furniture store in Kochi then you would not have to look any further than AHD furniture. A wide range of custom options is available. Also, you can check our website to buy furniture online at  and get furniture at discount sale. If you are planning for a new dining table, these are some custom options for your reference.

❖    Wooden dining table

❖    Dining table with cane

❖    Pantry table with chair

❖    Round dining table

❖    Countertop table and chair

❖    Dining table for flats / villas/ homes

❖    Compactive dining table

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