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Best Diwan Furniture for Houses

While you go to a furniture shop you might have seen an item called Diwan which you can use either as a sofa where you can sit during day or use as a bed during night.

Diwan cot is the piece of couch like sitting furniture or in some countries a box spring-based bed furniture designed for our living room. The story of diwan cot start years ago. The houses of ancient kings were adorned with diwans. Diwans received this name because they were generally found along the walls of Middle Eastern council chambers of a bureau called divan meaning a government council or office. The diwan in the sense of a sofa or couch entered the English language in 1702 and has been commonly known in Europe since middle of 18th century and it was fashionablesince then. It has a unique way of design which attracts many people. We can see beautiful fabric works along with pillows and also design works on back rests withsolid wooden legs and arm rests and with great seating comfort. These features will highlight the products very well

Most of the diwansare made of wood.AtAHDFurniture’sthe well-known furniture manufacturers and dealers in Kerala diwan cot is made of best quality Nilambur Teakwood and Nilambur Rose wood.It is durablecomfortable and gives long life span. Now a day’s we can see Diwan Cots in many design formats like contemporary diwans and traditional diwans. Both design patterns we can use in homes. Italso offers vibrant look for our home interior

Different types of Diwans

Couch diwan

This kind of diwan is designed with more of a couch look. With a back covered with cushions and a narrow seating, this bed serves as a perfect couch and also as your nap pad. This size of diwan fits well in a studio apartment as it doesn’t take much space and also, serves the dual purpose. If you are a single living in an apartment this could be your money and space-saver.

Sofa-cum-bed diwan

These are the modular diwans. Foldable in design, these look like a couch with back and arms when folded, when opened this turn in a bed where the back acts as the headrest. These are well-fitted for smaller rooms and even for kids’ room where you could fold this diwan and create a room for children to play during the day, while it can double up as bed during the night.

Next to the window or Window diwan

Always dreamt of window seating area, where you could read, sip your cuppa or just lie down watching the nature? Create an in-built diwan right next to the window. A well-ventilated area to just sit or even sleep, this could be decorated using luxurious cushions, bright-coloured covers and some bookshelves on the sides. Also, you could create cabinets under this piece of furniture.

Swing Diwan

This could be unusual yet fun. Do you like swings and want to have that piece of furniture in your home? Get a swinging diwan designed for your home. Made from leather or other comfortable yet luxurious fabric, ensure that this is well-harnessed and designed to take weight on it for not to just sit but also, lie down or sleep. This could also act as a focal point for your home.

Store in it

Design a diwan that is a little high next to a wall and you could create storage underneath. It can be in the form of drawers, cabinets or even pull-up cover. Keep this in your kid’s room and you could store her bedding, toys and even summer or winter wardrobe. Or, keep it in your living room and you could store extra furnishings, books, or anything under the sun.

An all-day lounger

In a studio apartment, a queen-size diwan bed can be built into the recess near a window to provide the perfect place to lounge all day reading a book or watching television. At night, it can become the guest bed. This design can also be adapted to a recess in a larger living room.

You can also adapt some of these comfortable diwan bed designs to your living room.

Free-standing diwan


Traditionally, a diwan has a low backrest, which rests against a wall, and cushions provide support for the back. However, if you are looking for modern diwan designs that blend into a minimalist living room, then a backless diwan with a comfortable mattress can be placed for extra seating, and it will make a perfect makeshift bed whenever required.


Chesterfield Diwan

Chesterfield Diwan is made of Mahogany. It is a contemporary designed diwan that we can use in our living room. Chesterfield work gives an elegance looks to the diwan. Cushions of diwan is not removable. Both sides of diwan have hand rest.

Cnc Diwan 

This multi-purpose Cnc Diwan is made of Mahogany wood. The both sides of the diwan have wooden design works with hand rest. The frames of the diwan are carved in solid wooden planks and have rounded wooden legs. This Diwan is complimented with mattress and pillows and offers a great seating posture which take into account the posture of Human Body. This Diwan can be used instead of a sofa and takes only minimum space which is suitable for any type of house, flat etc.



Diwan Hole Cane Work 

Diwan Hole Cane Work in rosewood finish is a multipurpose divan which can be used as a seating as well as a single cot. Solid wooden planks are used in this diwan. Traditional natural cane work is given on the sides of the diwan. Legs of the diwan are slightly curved.


Diwan Rool Type (Teak)

This multi-purpose Diwan is made of high-quality Teak wood and have the same dimensions of a Single cot. Diwan Rool Type can be used as a Traditional Diwan as well as Single bed. The head and leg side of the Diwan have Antique style with Cross Reaper work. This Diwan is complimented with 6-inch mattress and a pillow and offers a great seating posture which take into account the posture of Human Body

Diwan With Drawers           

Diwan with Drawers is a large sized diwan, which is styled with Traditional and Chettinadu designs. The highlight of this item is an embedded storage space with brass handle in the front side. The back rest and the sides have grassy work and is decorated with Chettinadu Tiles at the centre. The hand rest of the diwan is made of single wood and holds a curved design and offers a great seating posture which take into account the posture of Human Body

Diwan Square Cushion (Teak)

Diwan Coir Cushion portrays a contemporary design in Teak wood. The sleek finish of diwan with wooden panel work on back rest and both sides give an elegant look for your living space.


If you are looking for best furniture showroom in Kochi then you need notgo any further than AHD. We offer best wooden diwan cot collections for you along with other furniture items.In our designs you can see the class feeling of grassy work and unique design pattern of brass and pearl in lay work which you can’t see inany other shops. You can visit our furniture show room in Kadavanthra Cochin and see and experience all of our collections. You can see and can ensure the design quality of our furniture in Cochin. Our furniture show room in Eranakulam is located in Kadavanthra by the side of Kadavatharta Kaloor Road , opposite the Kettuvallam restaurant  near Asan Square.We are having our show room and office in Trivandrum , Chennai and Banglore also.

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