Wooden Diwan Models: 9 Amazing Diwan Models in 2022

A diwan is a practical bedding solution to any of the bedrooms in the house. It can either be housed up in the living room for an extra seating space or placed in the study if you ever want to lay down or take a nap for a while. It is a great option to adorn the living room, bedroom, guest room etc. Diwans are available at affordable prices in amazing designs and styles. Diwan beds blend in perfectly with any style of home decor and complement well with other furniture units. A diwan is a versatile piece of furniture that you can include as your home furniture. It serves as a sofa or couches during the day time and at night you can use it for sleeping purposes. It has solid wooden frames and is stitched with fabrics. Most of the diwan has four legs, some appear with backrest, other one is without backrest nowadays diwans available in different sizes and models. This is one of the need-based furniture.

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This blog will help you to understand more about various models of diwans. You can read the features of available models of diwan cots.

Chesterfield Diwan (mahogany)

This is one of the beautifully designed chesterfield diwan. The fabric of this diwan bed is so nice and gives more comfort. We can spend more time with diwan and also it gives more seating options in the living room. This diwan is made of solid Mahogany wood. In the leg portion side you can see the frame part is attached to the fabric and also it comes with beautiful hand rest on both sides.






Cnc Diwan

This is one of the simple types of diwan cum bed. This is available in both teak wood and mahogany wood. High quality fabric used in the seating portion of the diwan cot furniture. Hand rest has some wooden works and also you can see the wooden projection on the sides and bottom of the diwan. This wooden diwan is only exclusively available at AHD furniture showroom in Cochin






Diwan Rosewood (Rosewood)

Diwan Rosewood is made of high standard Nilambur Rosewood. It has well designed grill work on the top portion of the diwan set and beautiful kadachil work on the legs. It has a huge hand rest on both sides of the diwan sofa. You can sit and relax for a long time with this elegant piece of furniture.  If you are looking for solid diwan furniture near me. you can visit AHD furniture mart in Ernakulam.






Diwan cushion (Teak)

This diwan bed is designed for good quality comfortable seating and sleeping quality. It is made of premium quality teakwood and you can easily use it in your Apartment / villa / and house. The fabric will give you good comfort and also you can see the curved headrest in the diwan bed.







Diwan elegance (Teak)

Wooden Diwan furniture is available in many sizes. You can choose the right one for your home. This elegant diwan cum bed is made of teak wood. It you can use in both contemporary and classic style. It has a reaper designed backrest and legs are designed in very solid wood. It will definitely give good seating and sleeping comfort when you need to use this as a bed.






Diwan square cushion (Teak)

If you have limited space in your house and you can accommodate more people, AHD furniture store in Cochin gives you a solution. You can use this diwan for extra seating and it will be good for any type of home. It is made of solid teak wood and you can change the color of the fabric when you need to.






Diwan with drawers (Teak)

If you are looking for premium royal looking diwan furniture near you / me, you can find one of the best designed diwan bed furniture at AHD Ernakulam. It is made of very solid premium teak wood and you can see the kadachil works and tile works on the top side of the diwan cot. You can see the solid curved hand rest on both ends. The wooden plain platform gives you good seating posture. You can see the drawers in the bottom of the table with original brass handles.






Simple Diwan with Pillows  

Simple diwan with pillows is a classic designed diwan cot made of teak wood. It had wooden hand rest on the end of the diwan and it came with 2 pillows. If you are looking for compactive design you can choose this model.







Three side Diwan (Teak)

Traditional or heritage designs give an elegant look to this diwan. High grade teak wood is used in this diwan. Back rest of this diwan is designed with traditional grassy work and chettinad tile work. Solid wooden legs are used in this diwan that are shaped from single wooden planks. You can use this diwan in your living room along with your sofa.

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