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Dressers and Cabinet – Maximize your space

Choosing furniture for home is not only for the style but also for the comforts in your room. Style gives the visual balance only and practically we need functional spaces to satisfy our needs. If we use the chest cabinet and dressing table in the bedroom, we can merge it with the other furniture there.  The chest table can also be used as a dressing table. If we place a mirror with the chest of drawers, we can use it as a dressing table. Dressing table with storage gives the effect of a chest of drawers. Inside the dressing table, we can store our items. We can use this also as a night stand. Both products offer storage space and can be used in any format in houses. It is a brilliant idea to save space. At AHD the furniture manufactures of Kerala deal with different types and purposes of furniture for homes. In our store you can see the exclusive collection of various models of furniture. At AHD furniture showroom in Cochin, we have furniture for living room, furniture for bedroom, furniture for dining room, and furniture for indoor and outdoor. We have complete home packages also. AHD furniture shop in Kochi is a destination for budget friendly furniture and our products are available for use in Home / Office / Flats / Apartments and Villas. Let’s explore more details about this topic.


If you place the chest table or dressing table nearby your bed it serves as a bed table. Pay attention to the size of the dresser or chest if you have king size or queen size beds. Easily you can use the furniture or it may be customized to suit the full-size bed if it is difficult to keep the furniture. Remember you can decorate the chest and dresser similarly like a night stand. Top of the table can be used to decorate with pots, picture frames, lamp shade and candle holder. AHD furniture store in Kochi deals with the chest of drawers for bedrooms, dressing table for bedroom and bedside table with storage.

Choosing Dresser and Cabinets as Nightstands

If you are planning to incorporate a dresser or cabinet as a night stand, consider the size of the room. You can purchase the furniture within the size of the room, provide much more storage space and give a unique look you wouldn’t expect to come in the living room. You can use baskets inside the cabinet. They will help you to keep items organized while maintaining the tidy look when the cabinet door is open. AHD wooden furniture dealers in Kerala deal with the best wooden furniture and our furniture is made out of the best quality Nilambur Teakwood and Rosewood.


All in all, when designing the space, it is more important to consider the style and function of every piece you choose to incorporate. Furniture is the piece we use for our personal needs and we can set it up in our own ideas. If you are looking for the best furniture shops then you would only look at AHD and not any further.


AHD furniture store in Kerala is located in Kadavanthra near Kadavanthra Metro station.  If you are searching for the best furniture showroom online also you can visit our store and explore the latest collections.





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