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Furniture shop in Cochin – Kerala’s Wooden Furniture

In contrast to numerous different materials for furnishing, wood from Kerala can create a great and durable furniture essentially in any setting. Wooden furniture can be a piece of any plan, be it vintage or modern; and various furniture types will mix together elegantly be it any room – home or office. Our Furniture Shop in cochin would oblige every one of your necessities and prerequisites as we likewise assemble custom furniture which you want and dream about.

Specialties of Wooden Furniture from Kerala

Wooden furniture’s from Kerala hold a distinct value in the world market. It evokes Kerala’s tradition, culture and craftsmanship. The bond between our culture and furniture is strong and long lasting. Wooden Furnitures from Kerala can add a specific pride and appeal to any room regardless of whether it be light shaded, rich or more obscure tints of wood. This wood helps to create an impression which encompasses heritage and contemporary designs which comes out from various furniture. If you live in an urban city, wooden furniture will reassure a feeling being in nature in your living space and this can carry warmth to any interior and makes it look royal.

Distinct Features of Nilambur Teakwood

Nilambur teak wood is the first forest wood species to receive geographical indication. It is a unique variety of Teak wood used for traditional or contemporary furniture making in India. It has beautiful natural veins; and its durability and quality have gained much presence and reputation throughout the world market. The durability and water-resistant properties of this wood is suitable for making any furniture or wood products which are used for building house, ships, yachts etc. Teak wood has a very distinct advantage over other woods as it gains beauty, texture and shine over the period, something which we say often about wine which further makes the experience of using Teak Wood in our day-to-day furniture, an experience which we strongly bond to as it provides a feel of assurance and durability.

Features of Rosewood

Rosewoods are strong, sweet smelling and durable which makes it last for centuries when compared to other woods. It is mainly used for making products and instruments such as wooden furniture, guitars, fountain pens, black pieces in chess sets, handles, luxury flooring, etc. Rose wood has a deep ruddy brown to purplish-brown colour, richly streaked and grained with black resinous layers. In Kerala, most of our traditional house’s interiors are made of rose wood. Being strong, heavy and aesthetically pleasing properties of rosewood has led to it being high in demand for creating furniture.

We at Antique Home Décor (AHD) use the best quality Teak and Rose wood to make various day to day furniture’s such as Diwan, Sofas, Cots, Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, Wardrobes, Almira’s, Console tables swings, TV units, Chest of Draws, Showcase, Shoe rack, Pooja Units, Chairs, etc.

You can see the Kerala’s traditional craftsmanship in this furniture. While making this furniture, our designers/carpenters are very careful of the quality of wood and its design. All our designs are carved neatly considering the market trends and to provides an elegant look to your home/office. Each furniture design comes from our heart and bear a unique signature of AHD. Our Showroom Only stage these fine furniture’s making your shopping experience more like an adventure into nature and natural products. The feel you vibe through our furniture store is that of an experience which would stay with you for long.

Our Furniture Shop in cochin would cater to all your needs and requirements as we also build custom furniture which you desire and dream about. Our dedicated Team who has a flair in attention to detail would travel great lengths to understand your requirements and build furniture’s that would surpass your expectations. We look forward towards your visit to our Furniture Showroom in Cochin. Our Furniture store is conveniently located at the heart of Ernakulam City making your travel from any part of Kochi / Cochin to our showroom an easy take where we also have ample car parking space.

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