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Queen size Cots at AHD

Mattress’s quality is directly connected to the quality of your sleep. Any interruption could disrupt your sleep pattern, leaving you weary in the morning. Wooden beds provide incredible sturdiness, superior durability, splendorous appearance, low maintenance, and, most importantly, restful sleep. People have been using wood since time immemorial, and it remains the most popular material for furnishing homes

“King size or queen size?” That’s the first question you would hear when shopping for a cot, mattress, or even a bedspread. The dimensions of a queen bed usually are 152 cm x 198 cm (60 in x 78 in). A queen-size bed is more compact and efficient in terms of space. It’s best suited to bedrooms at least 10 × 12 feet in size. It’ll be ideal for couples that require a moderate movement level while sleeping. It’s also suitable for individuals who prefer to sleep alone in a huge room with plenty of space. (Please remove it if you don’t need it)

You can see a wide choice of queen-sized cot collections at ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD Furniture), built of solid Teak and Rosewood, which gives a long-life span. Cots are now available in a variety of styles and woods. ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR is one of the best customizing furniture stores in Ernakulam. Now, are you thinking which is the best furniture store in Cochin? or which is the top furniture showroom in Kochi? then you would not have to look any further than AHD furniture. It offers a beautiful way to bring a design to life .you can also purchase these cots online at our website, making it easy for you to shop. Just make sure that the cot is the right size for you, or you can customize it to suit your needs

A cot is a crucial piece of bedroom furniture that can make or break a restful night’s sleep. To help you make an informed decision, here are some wooden bed designs you can find at the AHD Cochin furniture outlet.

Cot G4 Teak (Teak)

Cot g4 is a queen-sized best cot made of teak wood, and it will fit into any room. This wooden cot is one of the budget collections and offers good value for money. The side and headboard of this bed are made of solid teakwood. Also, you can see the reaper work in the center of it. The Core portion of the cot is made of solid jackfruit wood. The legs have beautiful grove works.

Cot Reaper Teak (Teak)

It is a solid wooden bed, and it has an elegant look that would go with any décor. The wood is the best feature of this cot. It’s made of solid teakwood, and you can see it’s high-quality. Our designer gave a reaper work in the head side and leg side of the cot. This cot has an open base, and if you need to clean the floor, you can do so easily. Also, the center portion of the cot is made of jackfruit wood which is incredibly robust and gives a long life span for the queen size

Cot Roole Type (Teak)

The cot roole is a traditional cot design ideal for use in homes, flats, apartments, and villas. The wooden cot’s head and frame are solid teak wood, and the design is standard and compact. The cot’s platform is built of jack fruitwood, but we may modify the platform wood if the customer requests it

Cot with drawers (Teak)

A cot with drawers is one of the contemporary cots with drawers. If your apartment is not so spacious, this bed provides ample storage for your bed cover, quilt, bedspread, and pillows in the drawers. Imported teak is used to make this wooden cot. this wooden bed can be dismantled for easy transportation

Poster cot (Rosewood)

The poster cot rosewood is a solid rosewood cot with a traditional and antique design. This is one of the best poster cots in Cochin today.  This piece is a signature product of AHD Furniture, demonstrating the craftsmanship. You can décor this poster cot with curtains, and the Kadachil work can be seen on each of the cot’s pillars. The cot’s head and leg sides are both quite sturdy.


We deal with both traditional and contemporary furniture at ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR. if you wondering about a furniture shop or furniture store near me then look no further than AHD.You are welcome to visit our Cochin store to look at the beautiful furnishings and explore the collections. Please don’t bother to google searching for a furniture shop near me, the best furniture showroom near me, a furniture showroom near me, or a furniture store near me. We are here, and we’ve got you covered.

Some custom cot options are here if you want to personalize your cot.

  • Wooden king size cot
  • Wooden queen size cot
  • Bed with drawers
  • Kids bed unit
  • Wooden bunk bed
  • Portable wooden camp cot
  • Antique cots
  • Kerala style cot

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