Let’s talk about sofa

Sofas are also known as couch, settee, futon or chesterfield, is a pieces of furniture for seating multiple people. It is commonly found in the form of a bench with upholstered armrests and often fitted with spring and tailored cushions. Without doubt, your sofa is the single most crucial piece of furniture in your living room. It’s where you read the morning newspaper with your morning cup of coffee or tea, where you watch your television program, chit-chat with your families, friend, and most importantly your guests. So when you are choosing your Sofatake your time and explore the options.

ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD) is a leading house of teakwood and rosewood furniture offering an exotic collection of Sofa which bring to you the best design which is crafted with a promise to last for heirlooms. Our furniture showroom in Cochin has a large variety of collections of Sofas which are Distinct and Unique, Our showroom is very accessible to anyone since it is located at the heart of Cochin city. We always strive to bring the best sofa collection to you. Our Sofa Collections carry Touches of Heritage, traditions, culture and the designs are everlasting, timeless, durable, robust, and Sleek. AHD furniture covers a complete range of furniture in a variety of styles which has evolved through the Decades. We specialize in providing customized/personalized furniture to our customers in a very short span of time. We will custom make your dream sofa for you. AHD is one of the best sofas manufactures in Kochi, Ernakulum.

Variety of sofas

  • Chesterfield sofa
  • Cane weaving sofa
  • Diwan
  • Corner sofa

    Chesterfield sofa

The chesterfield sofa has been around for hundreds of years and always known for quality and comfort. Chesterfield is a classic item that symbolizes a certain style, handcrafted beauty. The chesterfield was a mark of class and stature back in old days and was furniture previously reserved for the upscale market. Throughout the year’s Chesterfield sofas have graced the places of royalty, business offices, hotels, restaurants, clubs, and luxurious homes.

Cane weaved sofa

Cane woven sofa has recently seen a resurgence in modern ways; with designers increasingly embracing handmade furniture to bring it back into the mainstream. A cane weaving sofa is ideal for indoor furniture. It is textured, clean, gives off a casual and vintage vibe to the home. It blended well with a lot of decorating styles. Canes give better or additional support when compared to Cushion Sofas and suit our weather,



Diwan sofa is pieces which are designed to suit every interior style. Diwan is the perfect furniture that you can use in the living room, bedroom, and guest area. They offer great comfort and elegance. It involves two parts one is the base part which is usually made of wood and another part which includes a soft cushion. It always offers great comfort, extra seating, and a beautiful appearance


Corner sofa

Increasing the personality of your home by arranging your corner sofa in between the living and dining space. So that it draws an invisible line to add a more distance divide in interior design. By styling your sofa as a separator you could avoid putting up a wall ensuring the mingling of the space is still possible with a hint of subtle partition. Also, we can use a corner sofa in the entertainment area in our house. It gives extra seating space and comfort when we sitting a long period of time.

Antique Home Décor (AHD) use the best quality Teak and Rosewood to make various day to day furniture such as Diwan, Sofas, Cots, Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, Wardrobes, Almira’s, Console tables swings, TV units, Chest of Draws, Showcase, Shoe rack, Pooja Units, Chairs, etc. While making this furniture, our designers/carpenters are very careful of the quality of wood and its design. All our designs are carved neatly considering the market trends and provide an elegant look to your home/office. Each furniture design comes from our heart and bears a unique signature of AHD. We look forward to your visit to our Furniture Showroom in Cochin. Our Furniture store is conveniently located at the heart of Ernakulam City