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Furniture for your living room makeover

When you are planning to décor your existing living room or make over the look of your living area room, you should add some furniture to your list. The living room is arguably the most important room in the house when it comes to decor. It is the room where you entertain guests and loved ones. Most of the living room contains a sofa, coffee table, chairs, and a television unit. These types of furniture are regularly seen in every living area. This blog will help you to understand what type of décor furniture is used in living areas and how that furniture will change the face of your home.

ANTIQUE HOME DECOR (AHD) furniture store in Kochi will provide an idea on how to change your house by using beautiful wooden furniture. We all know furniture is an important category of product that we can’t avoid in any case. Buying furniture is an art where you want to choose the right furniture which should gel up with your house. It will be functional and give proper comfort. You want to consider many aspects before buying furniture for your home. In our furniture store in Cochin, you can see the very functional and need based furniture. The ultimate use of the furniture is that we can use it for our right purpose. You can see the most valuable collection of furniture made of solid Nilambur teak wood and Rosewood that we can use in any kind of weather condition. You can see the collection of Couches, teapoys, end tables, diwans, beds, swings, pantry sets, etc. for your Home / apartment / flats.

Read this blog carefully and know more about the wonders of AHD furniture showroom in Kochi.

What is décor furniture?

Décor furniture is the addon furniture. It gives a different look to the home as per the choice we can use these products in any area of the house. It will be used beside mainstream furniture. It can attract all the eyes and you can use this furniture more functionally. Console tables, side tables, chairs, décor mirror, swings etc. are the furniture that we focus on in this blog.

Are you familiar with console tables? 

Console tables are furniture originating from Europe. Today it is one of the most important pieces of furniture for our home. Console unit are perfect for narrow spaces like entryways and hallways. And when square footage is really at a premium, they can act as bars, vanities, or desks. You can also use this furniture against the back of a sofa and top it with lighting or other decorative pieces. It comes with four legs and drawers. As we said we can use the top of the table to keep the décor items. You can see the best wooden console table available in various designs and shapes. Otherwise, we can customize this table as per your requirements.

The use of the side table

Side tables are one of the supporting décor piece furniture. It can décor our area and we can use these end tables for many purposes. A side table has a larger surface area with or without drawers. We can place it on the side of the room or against the wall. We can keep our electronic gadgets, modems, or small photos or small décor items. It will be very helpful on many occasions. 

Are the couches only the furniture we use to relax? 

AHD will answer it as no to this question. In our furniture showroom in Eranakulam, you can see different kinds of furniture like diwan cots, armchairs, wooden easy chairs, folding chairs, rocking chairs etc. You can use any of this furniture in your living rooms. It gives extra seating to your living room and you can decorate with these wonderful cushions and pillows and place them near your sofa. 

Decor with a wall mirror?

A mirror can reflect the beauty of our home. If you want to place a mirror to your living area, use a wooden décor wall mirror. It gives a different vibe to your home. Mirrors create the illusion of depth and space so they can really help make a small room feel bigger. A full-length mirror leaning against the wall is a great decorative element to use in a tiny room. And we can place the mirrors in different areas of our house.

Let’s swing with swing furniture

Swing is another décor furniture we keep in our house. A swing can be kept in different areas of our house like the living room, dining room, reading / library room, and outdoors. When we place this product in the living room, we can catch all the eyes and get more relaxed when we swing with the swing furniture. You can see the best collection of wooden swings made of teak and raised wood crafted with elegant touch in AHD furniture store in Cochin.

You get many different ideas to décor your home, maybe from social media pages or other sources. If you want the best furniture for décor your home then you would not look any further than AHD furniture showroom in ernakulam. You will get the exciting furniture and a wide range of choice as per the customer request. If you are staying in an apartment nearby Edapally, Lulu mall, Aluva, Palarivattom, Kakkand, Kaloor, Marine drive, M.G road, you can easily access our Kadavanthra showroom by Metro and Car. Our showroom is located at the center of the beautiful Cochin city. You can drive a maximum of half an hour or 6 and you will reach our showroom from various locations. Enjoy the exciting collection of best buy furniture.