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Let’s talk about ideal compactive living room furniture for a small family

Moving to your new apartment you want to fill your apartment with the best furniture and it does not exceed your budget range. This blog will talk about how to set a simple living room for a nuclear family within your budget range. This blog series will continue with a budget range dining room, bedroom and how to furnish your home with budget range furniture. After reading the blog series you understand the importance of furniture and also you get an idea about setting home furniture. Living room plays the most important role in our homes. In the case of a nuclear family, you can simplify your living room with important furniture. A living room will not be complete with couches, coffee tables, chairs and television cabinets. These are a few pieces of furniture that we mainly keep in our living room. Also, you can add on to this furniture in future with console tables, end tables, book shelves, writing tables etc.

At ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD) furniture mart in Kochi you can select the best furniture for your home. Our furniture store in Cochin displays a versatile range of furniture collections. You can pick the furniture that will match with your decors.

While reading this blog are you looking for the best furniture showroom in Cochin? Or a top furniture store in Kochi? Then you would not look any further than AHD. We will make your shopping easier. You can visit our website  to  provide basic ideas about all furniture so you can easily understand the features, advantages and benefits of the product. Our furniture showroom in Kochi also does customization for our clients. Customizing furniture will be more helpful to the people who live in the small apartment. Our furniture store in Cochin offers you all the best furniture in Ernakulam. You can visit and experience the range of wide collections. You can continue reading the blog about simple living room furniture in the budget range.


The loving couches

A sofa is a long comfortable seat with a backrest usually with an armrest.  People can select their seating arrangement like 3+2+1 seater, 3+1+1 seater or 3+2+2 seater. It mostly depends on the size and space of the apartment / house. 5 to 6 people can easily sit on a sofa set. If you have a nuclear family you can go for the 3+1+1 format sofa that includes you and your guest. And also, you can select fabric with a wooden sofa that you can maintain very easily. You can keep your sofa in front of your television cabinet so you can sit, relax and enjoy your movie time. AHD furniture showroom in Ernakulam brings an exciting wide range of sofa collections starting in very minimal budget range.

A good coffee time with beautiful coffee table

A settee and coffee table are the perfect pair of our house. The main purpose of the coffee table is to serve coffee and small snakes and also, we can keep our magazine on our coffee table. And you can select a coffee table that goes with your sofa. The height and length of the sofa is very important. After purchasing the sofa you should select the coffee table in the right size. You can keep the coffee table on the center of the sofa. So, people who sit on couches can easily access the coffee table. Our AHD furniture shop in Cochin offers new stylish and classic touch coffee tables.

Enjoy your time with arm chairs

A chair is usually having four legs for support and a rest for the back and often having rests for the arms. Arm chairs are the loose furniture that is one of the important items of furniture categories. We can’t see any houses without chairs. Chairs we can also use for extra seating purposes and also for reading books, use as writing chairs etc. these chairs you can place on the opposite side of the sofa. When you need it you can easily carry it anywhere in the house.

Watch your favorite shows with the TV cabinet

We all enjoy our free time to watch TV shows, films and web series. In your living room you should include television console tables. What is a TV Cabinet? A TV cabinet it a style of TV stand with doors that open. The doors might be solid wood or they might have glass partitions. Some TV cabinets also feature some open shelving in addition to the cabinets. Another advantage of a TV unit is you can keep your small decors or family photos; it will catch all the eyes. At the AHD furniture store in Cochin, you can see various simple TV units that will go with any kind of Home furniture.

It is time to scroll up your mobile to find a furniture shop near me. Buying the best furniture for your home is not a very easy task, visit AHD Furniture and explore all of our collections and choose the perfect one for your home. We deal with all kinds of furniture and you can use our furniture for Flats / Apartments / Villas / Home. If you are staying on the other side of Kochi city like Edapally, Palarivattom, Aluva, Kakkand you can easily reach our Kadavanthra store. We are located in the center of Cochin city. People do come from the above-mentioned places to Kadavanthra as it is the most convenient and preferable place. Buy furniture from AHD, you will definitely be happy with our products and refer to your family and friends.

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