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Mirrors at AHD Furniture

How many times have you passed past a mirror without giving a quick and appreciative nod to your appearance? If you said “always, “you are most likely lying. Whenever we notice a mirror, everyone comes to a halt in front of it to inspect themselves. But have you ever pondered why mirrors are such strong fashion statements?

A well-chosen mirror may transform the look of a space and serve as the area’s focal point. A mirror adds reflection and increases space by expanding whatever it reflects. And when it’s framed in wood, it transforms into a work of art unlike any other. They give glitz to the overall aesthetic of the home and a subtle charm, which is why fashionable mirror frames are in high demand. are you thinking which is the top furniture store in Kochi? or which is the best furniture showroom in Cochin then you would not have to look any further than AHD furniture

A mirror is a beautiful piece of furniture that comes in various shapes and sizes. You can see the elegance of wooden mirrors at the AHD furniture showroom in Cochin. Our furniture store in Kochi has stylish and exquisite mirrors that go well with your lovely consoles or chests of drawers. This blog is about AHD Furniture’s new mirror collection. You can purchase Elegant wooden framed mirrors from our furniture store in Kochi or from our online furniture store at

Mirror square dark finish (Imported teak)

Embellish your home entrance or hallway with this beautiful mirror wall décor. It is a square-shaped mirror. Made of imported teak wood and decorated with some design work, it will create a visual drama in your room space. It is one of the finest decorative mirrors in Kochi. It will look great with a modern, attractive console and other pieces of furniture.

Mirror with door (Teak)

Imagine how a lovely mirror can give your home a classic or traditional feel. If you are looking for a furniture store near me, AHD can meet your requirements. This mirror looks visually striking and highlights your area very well. It is made of solid teakwood, and it has doors to open and close. With grassy works and traditional Chettinad tile, this mirror is stunning. As previously stated, it is a traditional design. It is only available in AHD furniture showrooms in Cochin.

Wall mirror (Rosewood)

Carved wooden mirror frames are one-of-a-kind works of art. These frames, which are frequently hand-carved, display great artistry in their elaborate designs. With its lovely carvings, this mirror exudes a classic vibe. It’s composed of solid rosewood and will endure for a long time. It can grab your guests’ attentions

Wall mirror with flower carving (Imported Teak)

It can make you pleased if you are a fan of floral carving designs. This one assists you in maintaining a balance of traditional and modern styles. This wall hanging mirror is constructed of exotic imported teak wood, and the carvings are stunning. This work of art can be displayed in any room of your home.

Wall mirror with work (imported teak)

This is another classic ethnic piece. You can choose to give your space a distinct, timeless look. This mirror frame is made of imported teak. You can keep this mirror vertically or horizontally if you can keep a lengthy wall area. It will be one of the ideal choices of the mirror for your home, and you can make over the look of your house

Are you looking for top furniture shops in Kochi or top furniture stores in Cochin? then look no further than AHD furniture. AHD Furniture is located in the heart of Ernakulam city Kadavanthra and near Kadavanthra metro station, South railway station, and K.S.R.T.C bus stand can give you the best option of furniture. You can visit our furniture outlet in Kadavanthra and experience our furniture gallery. ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD) can accommodate your needs and offer customization alternatives to our customers. Come and visit the best furniture showroom in Ernakulam.

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