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The beauty of tradition or the vibes of modern – Which furniture does you choose?

Traditional furniture is also known as classical and vintage furniture while modern furniture is known as contemporary furniture. We can choose any style of furniture for our home. Both the traditional and modern furniture give a beautiful décor and both designs have their own specialty. Traditional furniture always offers a combination of ornamental and curved works crafted beautifully, giving a rich vibe using warm colors. It is a bulky type of furniture and traditional style pays great attention to all detail. Bold, rich and timeless colors are used to complement the elegant design features. In the case of modern or contemporary types of furniture, which come up with a stylish pattern of design, looks sleek, smooth and shiny surface and also very simple in design it does not take too much space, furniture models are up to date with current market trends.

ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD) furniture showroom in Kochi deals with versatile pieces of furniture designs. In our store you can see the mix of trendy fashionable furniture and the beauty of vintage tone furniture. Our designers designed our furniture in a very unique way and it can conquer the hearts of people. Customers can choose the right ones as per their choice AHD furniture showroom in Ernakulam do customization for the clients. If you are thinking about both furniture designs and also looking for the top or best furniture showroom in Cochin, AHD Furniture is the one stop place for all your furniture needs.

In this blog, you can refer to some differences of both the traditional and Modern furniture styles.

Long-life vs. Trends

Traditional and modern design furniture gives a different feeling. Traditional furniture takes influence from colonial and French designs and is mostly designed in wood which gives a long-life span. A lot of traditional furniture is made of Teak and Rosewood which is mostly used in villas and houses. It gives a very grand look and you can maintain it very easily.  AHD furniture store in Cochin uses premium quality teak and Rosewood for designing the furniture. Investing in wooden furniture is always value for your money. You can use it for many years and you can pass it to the next generation then they will understand the legacy of traditional furniture. You can see the budget range of wooden furniture collections in our furniture shop in Kochi.

Modern furniture is always moving with the market trends. Modern furniture is made of lighter woods which can easily be detached and transported. It is very simple in design and uses colorful fabric. Contemporary types of furniture are commonly used in flats and apartments which save space. It gives a simple and humble look to your entire home interior also available at various price ranges. The main advantage of modern furniture is that you can change the furniture with trends.

Design quality vs. multi-functional

The design quality of traditional or classic furniture is amazing. It can attract all eyes. It has ornamental, inlay, curving, wooden works and it comes up with a premium finish and you can see the natural wood grains highlight the design very well. Design of the traditional furniture is used in many palaces and castles and we are still wondering about the wooden works. It is always very unique and precious.

The modern furniture is multi-functional which can easily be used in apartments and flats and apartments. Imagine If you are living in a very small apartment but you want a sofa and bed. But you have not enough space to go for a sofa cum bed that can meet your requirement. The modern type of furniture is very multifunctional and we can use it for different purposes.

Vintage era vs. modern style

Vintage furniture gives a different tone for the home; it is crafted with solid woods and comes with beautiful carving designs. The people who love the wooden designs will prefer this type of furniture.

In the case of modern furniture, it will be updated with market trends which means design, styles, usage, space, color and pattern will definitely make big changes with the trends.

Our furniture showroom in Cochin is located in Kadavanthra which is the most convenient place to reach from any part of the Ernakulam city.  If you are traveling from Edapally, Aluva, Kakkanad, or Palarivattom you will reach by half an hour and you can enjoy your shopping day. We are very close to the bismi shopping mart and also starbucks panampilly outlet. so, you can functionally manage your shopping day. You can introduce AHD to your family and friends to buy furniture and be a part of our family.

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