Pooja stands available at AHD Furniture

A pooja Mandir symbolizes peace and serenity for every house. Mandir for home is best when they are made of wood. The wooden temple endures such an aura that it spreads a positive environment in the entire house

To give your place a divine touch as it is closest to your heart, we have come up with this article on the pooja table, which will help you bring one home and experience enlightenment to bring you close to God

ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR has the best pooja units/Mandirs available in Cochin Ernakulam. We make sure you take a top-notch quality Pooja table that adds vibrancy to the idol and aura to God. Most pooja stands are made of Teak wood and Rosewood with elegant designs that complement the house’s décor and enhance its beauty. Pooja stands are available in different sizes and designs. These pooja tables are exclusively available at AHD in Ernakulam, where you can find the best pooja console collection in Kochi. As per the customer’s instruction, we can customize the pooja units to suit your imagination so as to re-create your divine space where one could pray or meditate. If you are wondering about a furniture shop Near Me or a furniture store near me or a furniture showroom near me where you could look for a beautiful collection of Pooja Stands, then you do not have to look any further than AHD Furniture

Our products are also available online. You can check and buy the best furniture from our website.


Pooja Stand (Rosewood)

This Pooja stand rosewood is one of the traditional designs made from solid Rosewood, and it is a compatible unit and can be used in a compactable space. This pooja mandir is one of the best solutions for Homes/apartments/villas and flats.  Wooden carvings adorn the edges of this pooja unit. A gorgeous carved pillar standing on top of the pooja stand gives a lively presence. There is also one small drawer inside the elegant pooja table for keeping pooja items like lamps or Diya or agarbathi


Pooja stand without drawers side roof (Teak)

This Pooja table matches both the traditional and contemporary styles of the house. This unit is made of teak wood, and you can see beautiful bells on the front side of the pooja unit. In the Indian tradition, it is believed that the sound of bells has some curing and mental benefits on mind, soul, and body. There is excellent carving work on the headpiece of the pooja unit. The design resembles a miniature temple and represents Indian tradition and culture.

If you have a particular design and don’t get the right shop to customize your product? ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR can satisfy your needs. We can customize the furniture, and our skilled laborers will help you. These are customizing options for pooja tables.

  • Wall-mounted pooja unit
  • Wooden pooja mandir
  • Traditional pooja shelf
  • Contemporary pooja stands
  • Teakwood and Rosewood pooja units
  • Pooja shelf with drawers
  • Kerala style pooja cabinets