Pooja Unit / Prayer Unit

A pooja room is an important and unique divine entity in the Indian household which is often reflective of a deep emotional and spiritual connect. It is a sacred space for peaceful prayer and meditation. Pooja room is an epicenter of positive energy. When you are moving into new home you would want only a positive vibe and energy to be present. In many Hindu’s houses a new beginning is usually blessed by lord Ganesa. Most of the Hindu houses in India allocates a separate room for pooja purpose.

ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD Furnitures) has added a new collection of Pooja Units to our vast array of furniture. In our Ernakulam showroom you can see the unique designs and wonderful carving work in each unit. While making this unit we take special care to meet all requirements. In Cochin, AHD is the best choice for Pooja Unit. We offer a wide range of collection for Pooja Unit in our kochin showroom. Customers need any kind of customizing work, our Eranakulm store staff will help you. All of the Pooja Unit in our Cochin shop is designed in classic Kerala style. It highlights the tradition of Kerala and ancient artistic work that we would like to introduce to the world. At AHD Ernakulam shop we display both teak wood and rose wood Pooja Units which are the common Pooja Unit designs.

Traditional Pooja Unit (Prayer Unit)

In traditional Pooja Units, we use Kerala traditional carving works. These works are inspired by the great carving works seen in temples. So, it always gives a positive vibe in our home. You can add brass bells into the unit. It all comes with a small shelf so you can perfectly arrange everything. If you put the Pooja Unit on the floor you can add a beautiful carpet to the floor and also decorate your Pooja Unit with beautiful lights.

Pooja Unit with traditional bells

Customers can decorate their Pooja Unit in any manner as they please. Some Pooja Units come with beautiful brass bells. The chiming of the bell can give a temple atmosphere. We are using the finest brass bells for the Pooja Unit which gives an elegant look to the whole unit.

Modern Pooja Unit

Nowadays people are a little bit more concerned about their Pooja Units. While constructing a new home they add a definite space for a pooja room. The pattern of pooja rooms depends on the style of their house. In modern pooja rooms they place wall shelves that you can set in different angles or you can put a customized Pooja Unit in that room.

AHD always tries to introduce only the best quality furniture to the Ernakulam furniture market. We have one of the best furniture marts in Kochi.  All the furniture and furnishing items are on exhibition in our Cochin shop. Our valuable customers always give us good feedback about our furniture and service. Sometimes they give good leads and refer us to their friends and family. We always try to build a trustworthy relationship with our Kochi store customers. We keep our customers updated on all the new arrivals. AHD Ernakulam branch situated in Kadavanthra is one of the sought-after décor destinations in Cochin City. You can easily access it from nearby districts. It is located nearby to Aluva, Kalamassery, Kakkanad.




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