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Shoe rack is one of the good storage options to organize the foot wears. There are times when there is a lot of footwear lying scattered near the entrance of the home. An exclusively designed shoe rack can organize and store your footwear nicely

What is a Shoe Rack or Shoe Cabinet?

A shoe rack is also known as shoe cabinet, footwear rack, shoe organizer etc. which is designed to store our footwear. Shoe rack, shoe cabinet is a standalone furniture which is generally placed near the entrance door. Inside the shoe rack you can see shelves and drawers to organize the foot wear. It is available in various designs and models. At AHD furniture store in Kochi, you can find the latest and best collection of shoe racks and cabinets.

Best Place for Shoe Racks

You can keep your shoe rack in the entrance area of your house or you can keep it in the corridor. Shoe rack is a simple furniture. It doesn’t occupy much space and you can functionally décor your shoe rack to make it more attractive and place where it is most suited in your house.

The Benefit of Shoe Rack

  • You can properly organize your footwear neat and clean
  • Shoe rack can keep the floor clean
  • You can protect your shoes from your pets
  • Shoe rack saves your time of searching shoes
  • Shoe cabinet gives a different look to your home
  • You can avoid the cluster of footwear from the entrance area of the house.

Best Wood for Shoe Rack

If there is a design problem ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD) furniture store in Cochin will help you. We exclusively design the best furniture for your home and use solid Nilambur Teakwood and Nilambur Rosewood for our shoe racks and other items of furniture. At ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD) furniture shop in Kochi we offer a wide collection of shoe racks and consoles for your home, made of Nilambur Rosewood and teakwood. Classic design to trendy modern design of shoe racks and cabinets are displayed. AHD furniture shop in Cochin deals with the best quality furniture that you can use in any format in your house. Also, these items give you a long period of use and life. At AHD you can buy contemporary or traditional types of shoe racks and cabinets matching with your home style. You can get the best wooden shoe rack from us which you can very easily maintain and move anywhere.

The time when you want to buy the shoe rack for your home AHD will offer you the best collection of shoe racks and cabinets. You can select the right furniture for your home from here. Also, we customize the products as per customer request. If you want to experience our collection you are welcome to our furniture showroom in Eranakulam. It is located near Kadavanthra, near Kaloor and Kadavanthra Metro points. If you are searching for the best furniture Shops in Ernakulam we will be happy to introduce you to our collection.