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Role of a Dining table

A dining table is an important part of our home. It is where the family gets together over a warm home-cooked meal. A dining table is a part of our culture and traditions and we build moral values from there. Where else would one learn table manners but around a dining table. Choosing a dining table is an important aspect of a home. It can reflect many things. A dining table should be so chosen as to accommodate one’s family along with an occasional guest or two. The shape and material of the dining table are also very important. Today, everybody considers the dining table as an open discussion space and almost all conversations lead from sofa to dining table. ANTIQUE HOME DECOR (AHD) introduces a variety of dining tables for you. We have one of the best dining table collections in Cochin today. Our dining tables are made to the best of our ability. Most of our dining table furniture is made using Teak wood and Rosewood from Kerala itself. We will help you  choose an accurate dining table for your home. Some factors for your kind reference: –

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  • What should be the material of the dining table?
  • What kind of dining chair should you buy?
  • Add a touch of elegance
  • Go with trend

What should be the material of the dining table?

A wooden tabletop needs very less maintenance compared to a laminated one. One could also opt for a glass-topped dining table with beveled edges which would give it a contemporary look. Often marble  and stone tops are also used. While choosing the material think about the maintenance, as well as your decor. AHD specializes in wooden and glass-topped dining tables. We use high Quality treated Rose or teak Wood. We  often take opinions from customers and customize design as per their requirements. We assure best of quality and attention to detail keeping an eye on fine detailing which makes our furniture stand out . Customers coming to our Furniture shop in Kochi often bring designs which reflect their imaginations and dreams and we help them bring it to reality.

What kind of dining chair should take?

Dining chairs should provide a comfortable seating experience when you take a long time to eat meals. High-backed chairs usually occupy a small space. Mixed seating, like a bench opposite chairs, adds a contemporary touch. Always sit down at the tables before you buy so as to ensure that the chairs are not too low or too high. ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD) furniture store located in Ernakulam are skilled to design your favorite dining chair if you have any specific design in your mind.

Buy Dining table in Cochin

Add a touch of elegance

The solid wood dining table speaks of elegance quality and heritage that can change the very mood of your house. Moreover, it is long lasting and is a true representation of our culture.

Go with the trend

The furniture market is always up to date and it is reflected in the the dining area also. We can implement any style you prefer. If you have any particular design in your mind, we will bring them to reality. We not only move with the current market trends but also keep an eye on traditions and Cultures. You can see Kerala’s traditional craftsmanship in this furniture. While making these furnitures our designers/carpenters are very particular about the quality of wood and its Uniqueness. All our designs are carved neatly considering the market trends and to provide an elegant look to your home or office. Each furniture design comes from our heart and bear a unique signature of AHD. Our Showroom in Ernakulam stage these fine examples  making your shopping experience more like an adventure into nature and natural products. The feel or vibe through our furniture store is that of an experience which would stay with you for decades.

In addition, you can visit our shops and see the quality of our design. Our Furniture Shop in Cochin would cater to all your needs and requirements .We also build custom furnitures, which you desire and dream about. Our dedicated Team who have a flair for attention to detail would travel great lengths to understand your requirements and build furniture’s that would surpass your expectations. We look forward to your visit to our Furniture Showroom in Cochin. Our Furniture store is conveniently located at the heart of Ernakulum City making your travel from any part of Kochi / Cochin to our showroom an easy task. We also have ample car parking space.

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