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Shoe Racks at AHD

One will realize how essential shoe racks are when you are rushing for a meeting, but you can’t seem to find the right shoes to go with your outfit or There are occasions when a jumble of shoes by your entryway will detract from your guests’ first impression. With so many shoes strewn throughout the house, you might have problems finding the one you want on time.

Does this ring a bell? It’s time to declutter and arrange your shoes!  If you’re seeking ways to store your shoes and boots in an organized way, look no further., you’ve come to the perfect spot to give your fashionable sandals a trendy resting place. If you are wondering about a furniture shop near me, a furniture showroom near me, or a furniture store near me, then you do not have to look any further than AHD Furniture

At the ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD Furniture) shop in Kochi, Various styles of shoe racks are manufactured of solid wood and crafted with precision and perfection. Shoe storage can be seen in modern and traditional designs to match your home decor. You would see the best furniture store in Cochin, as well as browse our website and take advantage of Purchasing furniture on discount sale

Shelf Mini Cabinet (Teak)

Short on space? Then This Shelf mini cabinet – a compact shoe rack table is the best choice for you. This Shoe rack can be kept in any corner of our house and can functionally use the place. It’s made of solid teak wood and has a traditional style that adds to the area’s appeal.

Shoe Rack (Mahogany)

Shoe Rack shelves can ideally be used in office places also, as it has many different shelves to keep our shoes. It is made of solid mahogany wood with a simple design to match any décor perfectly. AHD Furniture deals with premium quality products, and we update our product with current market trends as we are one of the finest furniture marts in Kochi.

Shoe Rack Louvre (Teak)

Shoe rack Louvre is a vintage-type shoe rack. One of the best quality shoe racks made of finest quality teakwood. This table features two drawers and gorgeous grove designs on the front side. A wooden shoe rack console that gives a long lifespan is a better choice when choosing the shoe shelf.  This shoe rack is the best furniture for flats, furniture for houses, furniture for villas, furniture for apartments.

Shoe Rack Open Type (Imported Teak)

The shoe rack open type is made of imported teak wood. The cabinet is open style to keep a lot of footwear inside; it also comes with two drawers with beautiful reaper work on both sides. If you search for a furniture store near you/me, you can connect to the AHD furniture shop in Cochin.

Shoe Rack with Groves (Teak)

This shoe rack is made of teak wood and has three storage shelves. You can keep your shoe polish, soaks, and other items in the drawers. This nicely grooved rack is perfect for storing your fashionable shoes.

Are you thinking which is the best furniture showroom in Cochin or which is the top furniture store in Kochi then you would not have to look any further than AHD furniture. At ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD Furniture) showroom in Kochi, the products are well designed and made of solid Teak and Rosewood. You can visit our Cochin store and experience the best furniture. Also, our custom models shoe racks are

  • Wooden shoe rack shelf
  • Foldable shoe rack table
  • Shoe rack with bench
  • Shoe rack with drawers
  • Shoe rack cabinet for flat and villas
  • Modern shoe rack

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