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Couches and Sofas

A journey for finding the best sofa for home can face a lot of questions like size of the sofa, color of the sofa, material of sofa.   We mention sofa in different names like settee and couch. But many of the home owners don’t know that couches and sofas are used for different purposes in our home. Most people are never given a proper explanation to this. ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD) furniture manufacturers in Kerala publish informative articles for our clients.  If you are planning for a new Home, flat or villa you should know all aspects about this. The home interior section and furniture of our articles will help you to understand more about this. AHD furniture shop in Kochi displays the best collections of furniture in our gallery.  Our designs and quality of wood are of very   high standard levels and bring the best furniture for our clients.  AHD furniture showroom in Cochin you can experience this. The center will give you proper guidelines about all the furniture. All of our furniture is made of high quality Nilambur Teak and Nilambur Rosewood. Now let us know more about the couches and sofas

The Origin and History of Sofa

The word sofa originated years ago. It is derived from the Arabic word suffah meaning wooden benches covered with cushions. You can see the transformation of the sofa by looking into the history of different empires like Roman, Spanish, French, British. They made castles and furnished them with classic items.  Architects of that era designed various types of sofas, couches and other furniture. In king’s palaces and upper-class families after industrialization, they made sofas and couches and other furniture which are generally bulk. When it came to the hands of wholesalers and retailers, they made it lighter and it arrived in the common man’s house. At AHD the leading wooden furniture manufacturers in Kerala f we customize the sofa and other furniture as per the order of the customer in best quality design and best quality wood

Different Models of Sofas

  • Sectional sofa
  • Chesterfield sofa
  • Lawson – Style sofa
  • Mid-century sofas
  • Contemporary sofa
  • English rolled arm sofa
  • Camel back sofas
  • Cabriole sofas
  • Chaise lounge sofa
  • Loveseat Sofas


The word couch originates from the French word “Coucher” meaning lie down. The history sofa and couches are the same. It is used for different purposes. Placement of furniture is very important for a home and needs the right furniture at the right place and arranging furniture is an art. It shows our passion and personal taste. Couch is something like a lounge for sleeping and enjoying television programs in European and western countries. They used a sofa in the living room for receiving guests. Couches are placed opposite to the entertainment unit for watching television and also for sleeping. Sometimes you may hear a mother tell their kids to get off the couch.

Difference Between Sofa and Couches

  • The difference between sofas and couches is the style and function. Sofas are used in a formal living area hosting your guests and families in a group where people can sit together. It is more formal also and it may not be used every day
  • Couches are just the opposite. You can use your couches with your loved ones   for watching television, at play stations or for sleeping. Three people may sit. Couches are available in different models and designs.
  • The sofas come for seating people in 3+2+1 format or 3+1+1 format as per the formal living room size.  Along with the sofa we can use a coffee table, side table floor mats, side lamps etc.
  • Couche is a single piece of furniture. Along with couch we can use other items 


AHD furniture stores in Kochi deal every home furniture and the customer can easily purchase all category furniture under one roof and it will simplify your shopping 



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AHD – our furniture gallery in Ernakulam is located in Kadavanthra near Kaloor and Kadavanthra metro stations.  If you are traveling from Kaloor, Kakkand , Palarivattom, Edapally, Aluva, Thevara, Marine Drive we are very closer to you where you can experience  the best furniture  in a best furniture shop in Kerala   

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