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Post pandemic situation, work from home / study from home has become the new normal. Whether it’s for work or study purposes, we need the right kind of furniture to increase our productivity. Now-a-days we spend so much of our time in front of a laptop that if you need to purchase a new office table or study table you must try the furniture physically, to ensure adequate leg space, proper hand space and most importantly enough space to accommodate everything. A good table makes your home like a mini office.

ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD) displays a wide range of study table and office table collections. Customers can see and choose from the products exhibited in our Ernakulam showroom which is among the best available in the market. What makes us unique and a class apart from our contemporaries is that all our products can tell a story of our hard work, determination and passion.

Most of our study tables and office tables are made of Nilambur teak wood and Nilambur rose wood. Some of our study/office tables come with chairs and some models are available with drawers and good leg space. There is a rising demand for such tables in Kochi, mostly for corporate offices, residents, apartments, Info Park etc.

You can consider the below factors while purchasing a new table:

Size of the table

Size of the table is one of the important factors. A right table should give good leg space, adequate drawers, good working space and a good eye view. It depends on the size of the individual as well. If you are looking for a table for your kids, go for a large table which can accommodate their study material as well, similar to a work desk you might pick for yourself.

Style of the table

Style of the table varies with the style of your home. You can choose a modern table or vintage type designs whilst considering the overall décor style of your home or office and select a table that gels with your existing furniture.  Another important factor to consider is the type of material used that can give adequate strength and a long-life span.

Multiple purposes

You can use this table for study, work, as a display unit, storage unit etc. A key factor to any multipurpose table is that it should have ample storage space for keeping books, documents, stationery and electronic gadgets.

Customize table

Customizing tables is a good option when you are unable to find a readymade table that meets your requirements. You can choose everything from the design, size, number of racks, drawers etc. to meet individual needs.

AHD can meet all your requirements for customized furniture as we are one of the leading custom-made furniture dealers in Cochin delivering products across India.

At our flagship store in Ernakulam, you can see different models of sofas, coffee table, side table, showcase, book shelf, alamarah / almirah, diwan, etc. Our furniture is made with the best quality teak wood and rose wood. Our friendly and welcoming staff will help you choose the best.

Situated in the heart of Eranakulam city with ample car parking facility, AHD Kochi is one of the top-rated wooden furniture showrooms. A visit to AHD Kochi will most definitely be a memorable and heartwarming experience.

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