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Study Tables of Antique Home Decor (AHD Furniture)


We had discussed the importance of a study table in our previous blog  . Ever since the pandemic broke out and work from home became the new norm, the market for good study and office tables have been on the rise. Today study tables are available in various designs and sizes.  A good study table can increase your creativity and productivity.  If you are looking for the best study table in Ernakulam or best study table in Cochin visit ANTIQUE HOME DECOR (AHD) to bring home the best furniture that kochi has to offer. A few of the study tables which are widely requested by our esteemed customers are given below.

Laptop Table (Imported Teak): This Laptop Table is an example of a simple and compact workstation which can be carried around anywhere in our house. This Lap Table is made of imported teak wood with reaper works and rounded legs and can be used in the living room, bed room, office room etc. As per the customer requirement we can custom this laptop table in Teakwood and Rosewood. It will immensely help people who are living in smaller apartments as it is space saving and more compact. Click on the link below to see more details.

Office Table One Side (Rosewood): This beautiful piece of furniture is made of solid finest quality Rosewood. It is more of a contemporary design of a study desk and is a must have for an elegant study or office. The top of this table is very spacious and can be used to arrange your working space or study material. It has a few drawers in which you can keep and store your stationery, notepads etc. The handles are made of original brass which blends perfectly with the Rosewood to give a classy look. You can visit our Kochi furniture gallery to evaluate and choose from the best. Click on the link below to see more details.

Study Table with Dock Chair:  This table is also known as captain’s desk as it is reminiscent of tables that were used in ships in the captain’s room. This desk truly befits a captain as its compact, space conserving with multiple drawers, storage and seating facilities.  Though at first glance it appears similar to a console, the design is unique and impressive.You can use it in apartments, villas, flats, and houses. This study unit helps you to add an elegant/ vintage tone to your house. Made of teakwood, this table is only available at ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD Furniture) and is available in small and large sizes. Click on the links below to see more details.

Study Table with Bookshelf: If you are looking for a study table cum book shelf, this product will be ideal to satisfy your needs.  It comes with a built-in shelf so you can arrange your books inside and the door is made of glass, so you can easily view and select from the books. And it has a good spacious surface where you can work leisurely.  This product is made of Imported Teak wood. At AHD Furniture, you can see the best study and office desk furniture in Ernakulam. Click on the link below to see more details.

Vintage Study Table with 2 drawers: – The name itself indicates its quality. This study table is made up of finest quality teakwood with 2 draws having ceramic handles. Ceramic handle in this table gives off a vintage vibe as this type of handle is commonly used in vintage furniture. Also, you can see the traditional Kadachil works in this table. It’s a very neat and comfortable table for those who spend long hours in front of the computer. Also you can add a beautiful teak wood chair along with this solid wooden study desk. You can find this table only at the AHD Cochin outlet.  Click on the link below to see more details.

are you thinking which is the best furniture showroom in Kochi? or which is the top furniture showroom in Cochin? you would not have to look any further than AHD.If you have limited space in your apartment or you have some design ideas for your favorite study table, AHD Furniture provides some exciting customizing options. These are some customizing ideas:

  • Wooden study tables
  • Kids study tables
  • Study table cum workstation
  • Teakwood / Rosewood study desk
  • Wooden office desk
  • Foldable wooden works station
  • Compactive study table
  • Wooden study desk and chair
  • Solid study unit


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