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Summer care of the furniture

With summers just around the corner, many people would bid a happy goodbye to layers of clothing and dark winter mornings. Just like the way our skin is susceptible to harsh summer heat and needs sunscreen to ward off damage from the harmful UV rays, our wooden furniture also needs protection from the heat as the dry, arid heat can wreak havoc on the prized furniture you’ve set up so dearly.

Wood can crack in dry, hot weather, and severe dry winds can dull the luster of hardwood furniture. But don’t worry; there are ways to prevent damage and extend the life of your precious belongings. This blog is about taking care of your wooden furniture in India during the summer. The primary summer months are usually March, April, and May. AHD furniture stores in Kochi offer some advice on protecting your furniture. These modest hints will assist you in properly caring for your furniture.

  • A sparkling piece of furniture makes for a sparkling room. And the right amount of dusting helps in doing so. Airborne particles can damage the surface of wood by forming a filmy coating. Dusting regularly prevents this buildup. To avoid damage to your outdoor hardwood table, always use soft cloth such as cotton, cloth diapers, or microfiber.
  • Dusting isn’t always sufficient, and you’ll need to clean your wood furniture. All-purpose cleaners should never be used because they can harm the finish. Dip a towel in water with a moderate dish detergent if you have a badly stained or sticky spot. Wring it out as much as you can and clean the area gently.
  • Choose the type of wood wisely- Be mindful of the type of wood while purchasing furniture. Choose the type of wood which does not require layers of polish. Wood should be termite-resistant and dense in nature. Teak wood is a wonderful choice since it contains a lot of rubber and oil and is termite resistant. At AHD, All products in our store are weather-proof, and we provide high treatment for woods. We use Teak wood and Rosewood. The AHD furniture store in Ernakulam always gives the best furniture for our clients.
  • Your excellent wood can be damaged by sunlight, heat, and other environmental variables. Valued furniture should not be placed in front of uncovered windows, vents, or fireplaces since the light and heat will damage and discolor the wood.
  • Always use coasters when keeping hot glasses or mugs on wood tables to avoid rings and heat damage, and never place hot food directly on them without using a trivet or potholder. Use beautiful placemats or a tablecloth to protect your dining room table from food and drink spillage.
  • Polishing the surface will give it the gloss and slickness that every wood furniture owner desires. Polishing also helps to remove scratches from the surface and keeps dust at bay. Summer is one of the best seasons for waxing and polishing furniture. When we add a wax and polish coating, it aids in drying.

Any wooden furniture should be cared for to keep it looking beautiful and comfy. The paramount quality of wooden furniture is that it can last a lifetime, be passed down through many generations, and always have a generation value. It is a good idea and good value for money to purchase wooden furniture, and it requires little maintenance. AHD is one of the well-known furniture showrooms in Cochin, from where we deliver products throughout Kerala and other states, and we earned many happy customers across the southern states. We are delighted to welcome you to visit our furniture shops in Cochin and explore our latest and most trendy collections.

The exclusive collection of furniture may be seen at ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR. Some of our collections are limited, so you can get an exclusive range of collections and avoid recurrence. It will offer your dream home a sense of individuality and uniqueness. Couldn’t you find the right furniture for your home? Or if you are searching, which is the best furniture shop in Kochi? or which is the top furniture store in Cochin? AHD can cover all of your furniture needs with our furniture outlet in Kadavanthra, which you are welcome to visit and explore the collections. We will provide after-sale services and customization for our clients at the AHD furniture showroom in Cochin.

All of the furniture in the AHD furniture shops in Cochin is made of teakwood and Rosewood, and it is weatherproof. Furniture ages with time, and you need to let it age gracefully. Like wine, it may acquire a new character in its twilight years. With time, some wood will lighten, and some will darken. So, the next time you buy any wooden furniture, keep its aging tendency in mind. AHD is the greatest option in your area if you are looking for furniture shops in Kochi or a furniture showroom in Ernakulam. We deal with a wide range of home furnishings, allowing our customers to select the best option for their homes.

If you’re wondering about a furniture store near me or looking for the best furniture, AHD will always be at the top of your list. Our Cochin furniture stores can answer your questions and show you around our collections. We consistently bring something new to the market of furniture. Our Kochi furniture shop is an excellent example of well-crafted designed furniture. AHD is located near the Kadavanthra metro station in Kadavanthra. If you prefer not to visit furniture stores during the pandemic, we are also available online at . You can visit our websites and follow us on  . Facebook and Instagram


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