Console tables

Utility of console tables

A beautiful home deserves a beautiful console table. Console tables have been around for centuries. It is said that console tables are a must have in Mansions and in homes of the wealthy. The style of console has evolved from French and Italian culture. This table is an artistic collection item especially in the home of antique lovers. Console tables, also known as sofa tables, are one of the key elements in home décor and home interior. Console table might come off as a fancy little decorative piece of furniture.

These are the areas where console tables are commonly used

  • Foyer area
  • Dining area
  • Dressing table/bedroom
  • Office / study table area

Foyer area


Your home’s entryway is the first location that catches the visitor’s eye. Needless to say, it needs to be presentable and give off warm and welcoming vibes. The entryway is one of the most common areas to place a console table which you can decorate with beautiful pots, ideal glass décor etc. to give a warm look to your house. If you place a console table against a plain wall, you can utilize the area very well.

Dining area


You can utilize any extra space in your dining area by putting a console table to arrange your foods and supporting items. You can also store your kitchen items like cutlery, napkins, and other miscellaneous items you might need from the kitchen.

Dressing / bedroom area

There are no limits on how you can decorate your bedroom console table. You can decorate it with fancy lights, flower pots and candles. You can also use the console table as a dressing table by adding a wall mirror and footstool with the table. You can stash all your make-up, jewellery, ties, handkerchiefs, slings, perfumes and watches in the compartments of the table. You can even get separate little stands to hold your accessories and place them on the table.

Office/study table area

A console table can be used as a multipurpose table in your study or office area. Save up on your precious time and space by getting yourself a console table. Get a compact console table with multiple drawers. You can use the shelf for keeping your laptop and books and the drawers for storing essentials like stationery. Also, you can add an efficient table lamp and a comfortable chair to go with the table.


Console Tables & Antique Home Décor

Antique Home Decor (AHD) introduces a variety of console tables for you here. We have one of the best console table collections in Cochin today. Our console tables are made to the best of our ability. Most of our console table furniture is made up of Kerala Teak wood and Rosewood. We will help to choose an accurate console table for your home.

You can see Kerala’s traditional craftsmanship in our furniture. While making this furniture, our designers/carpenters are very careful of the quality of wood and its design. All our designs are carved neatly considering the market trends to provide an elegant look to your home/office. Each furniture design comes from our heart and bears a unique signature of AHD. Our Showroom displays a fine array of these furniture making your shopping experience more like an adventure into nature and natural products. The ethereal artistic vibe at our furniture store is an experience which will stay with you for long. AHD Kochi aims to ensure a wide array of furniture from Traditional to Modern, Antique to Contemporary, Living to Bedroom, Light weight to heavy, Simple to Carved /Designed, types which satisfies the customer’s taste at an economical price.

In Kochi, AHD is a household name already and it’s not just about furniture sales for us; it’s about after sales support too. Our furniture rarely needs maintenance but if it does need it, we will be right here to do it for you. Reach out to us anytime for any queries you have about furniture. We look forward to your visit to our Furniture Showroom in Cochin. Our Furniture store is conveniently located at the heart of Ernakulam City, with ample parking space, making your travel from any part of Kochi / Cochin to our showroom an easy task.

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