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Wardrobes available at AHD Furniture

In the past, wardrobes were merely a place to store clothes. As time changed, so did our lifestyle. Wardrobes are a versatile storage solution used to store clothes, books, accessories, files, toys, valuables, and anything else you can imagine! With a wardrobe made from wood, you get the perfect blend of aesthetics and structural integrity. The robust nature of wooden products and their low maintenance make them thought of as family heirlooms, whether a bed or an almirah.

Today there is a wide selection of wardrobes of different sizes and models to suit our home décor. Adding a wardrobe completes the overall look of your room and accompanies your belongings forever. Different varieties of wooden wardrobes can be found at ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR. A wooden wardrobe has a long lifespan and may be customized to fit any style. AHD Furniture is a superior alternative if you seek a robust and attractive wardrobe for your home. It has one of the best wardrobes in Kadavanthra, Ernakulam, or Kochi / Cochin. If you are wondering about a furniture shop near me, a furniture showroom near me, or a furniture store near me, then don’t look any further; we’ve got you covered.

These are the wardrobe options available at AHD Furniture.

Almirah Surajmuki

Almirah Surajmuki – one of the best wooden wardrobes. If you’ve seen it, you’ll be a fan of this product. This is one of the best wardrobes in Cochin,  made of the finest quality teak wood. There are mirrors on the front side of this wardrobe, and the bottom of the wardrobe has beautiful craftwork that complements the product very well. This wardrobe comes equipped with drawers and shelves, So you may appropriately store your clothes and other valuables. Handles are made of authentic brass. One of the benefits of owning this wardrobe is that the top piece can be dismantled for easier transportation. We are one of the best furniture shops in Kochi,

Almirah Two Door

Almirah Two Door, another master class item from AHD Furniture, is a blend of Teak wood and Rosewood. The gorgeous frames made of Rosewood can be seen, and the rest of the furniture is made of teak wood. It has wonderful carving and grove works on the top side, made of Rosewood. Also, you can see the mirrors on the wardrobe. Many shelves and storage areas can be found inside the wardrobe. This product exhibits antique elements as the handles are made of original brass.  When there is a special occasion, You get a furniture discount sale

Almirah with Tile

Almirah with tile, one of the antique element furniture, is also pricey furniture constructed of solid Rosewood and Teak wood combination. On the front side of the almirah/wardrobe, you can observe the beautiful carving work. Tradition and heritage are woven throughout the design. Inside the closet, you can see the drawers. The drawers are constructed entirely of solid wood. The mirror and original Chettinad tile may also be seen on the front side. If you bring this wardrobe into your home, it will undoubtedly become an iconic item. This wooden bedroom wardrobe is the best furniture for villas, furniture for the home, furniture for apartment and furniture for the flat you can use this for a long time also if you need any services you can call AHD furniture showroom near you our staff will satisfy your needs AHD one of the best furniture showroom in Kochi

Almirah Two Door Crown

Almirah Two Door Crown – As the name implies, the crown design can be seen on the top of the almirah. It comprises Teak and Rosewood and features a classic and heritage design. The almirah’s upper side is decorated with carving and grove work. Inside, you can see the shelves, and at the bottom of the almirah, you can see the large two shelves. Another attraction of this wardrobe is that the legs are designed like the legs of a lion. This is one of the iconic products we only deal with the best quality furniture. You can visit our exclusive showroom in Kochi AHD, one of the best furniture marts in Kochi


To know more about our products, visit our Kadavanthra outlet or visit our website site AHD deals with all types of home furniture items. You can visit our website to buy furniture online. Are you thinking which is the top furniture shop in Kochi ? or which is the best furniture showroom in Cochin ? then you would not look any further than AHD furniture. For your reference, these are some customizing options for wardrobe and never miss a chance to purchase furniture from one of the best furniture stores in Eranakulam

  • One door wooden wardrobe
  • Two-door wardrobe
  • 3 door almirah
  • 4 door almirah for bedroom
  • Kids room wardrobe
  • Wooden bedroom set

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