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Wooden wardrobe has been around for decades. It is natural that a house owners’ first choice is always a wooden wardrobe. When we are planning for a new bedroom design wardrobe comes first in our mind because it is the most functional furniture in our house. Wooden furniture is usually handed over from one generation to another generation and it indicate great tradition. It is the same in Indian culture also. In India wardrobe is sometimes called almirah also.

Wooden wardrobe is made of solid wood like Teak and Rosewood and this is ecofriendly, durable and lasts for many years. Buying a wooden wardrobe for home is a good investment. It can be    usedunder any weather condition and is very easy to dismantle also.

Nowadays wardrobes are available in contemporary wardrobe design and traditional wardrobe design. You can incorporate both of this in your house. In urban cities we may come across artificial wooden wardrobes. It will not prevent moisture and it will cause fungus in the wardrobe which is harmful for the human body especially for kids. It will also disintegrate itself and get damaged.So,you have to be verycareful and do not purchase artificial wooden wardrobes. Buy only natural wooden    wardrobes and furniture made of natural wood.

While you purchase the new wardrobe for your home you should measure the size of your room and clarify about the design and storage. Wardrobes are available in s designs of single door wardrobe and two door wardrobes. Three and four door wardrobes arealso available.and confirm how many shelves and racks you need inside the wardrobe. About the design you can go with your house pattern and also remember to use solid wood for your wardrobe. If you are customize the wardrobe you can add solid brass handle works, beveled mirrors, brass and pearl inlay works, brass hinges and screws these feature can highlight your wardrobes also it can be used for many years. We all know years ago wardrobes are used for store our money and expensive jewel collection we trust of future in that level you can add all your personal suggestion while customize the wooden wardrobes. Here some customize option of wooden wardrobes

  • Wooden wardrobe with storages
  • Wooden wardrobe with shelf
  • Wardrobe with cloth hanger
  • Almirah with mirror
  • Almirah with brass works
  • Cupboard for bedroom
  • Cupboard for kids
  • Almirah for master bedroom
  • Wardrobe for guest room

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