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The Evolution of Indian wooden furniture

India is one of the largest countries in the Asian continent. In India we can see many traditions and cultures. The home style and furniture styles are the pure examples of this. In India older people didn’t use so much furniture. It only appeared in Kings Palaces and upper-class families. Normal people can’t afford the cost of carved wooden furniture and they don’t even have any proper shelter at that time. Furniture and houses are the most valuable things in that time and the normal people start dreaming about that.

The evolution of furniture starts from Kings palaces. They used very solid wooden furniture and provided many ornamental works to furniture because the King and queen had to show their luxury and wealth to other people. They built many palaces, Guest houses and vacation houses in different areas of the country. In that time India had various small princely states ruled by different kings and queens. The designs of palaces depend on the landscape and climate at that time. And the styles of furniture are different from one to another because the traditions and culture are different.


In the 14th century, most people in India considered furniture things like desks, dressing, and chairs with exception of perhaps a few low chairs and cushions used for supports. After the European powers arrived and conquered the parts of India and built many beautiful houses and offices for their superior officers, guest houses and other seasonal houses. They started using Indian local peoples such as carpenters and other peoples to build their house and furniture and décor they gave the designs and under their supervision. They make beautiful furniture that reflects European and Indian traditions. They used high quality solid wood and used beautiful carving; inlay works to the furniture. They use the woods such as Teakwood, Rosewood, shesham, Mahogany, and also used brass, gold, pearl, elephant tusks for inlay works.

After independence we commonly used the term North India and south India. The styles, traditions, culture, food, dress, are entirely different. The furniture and home influence in North India you can see the touch of Mughal. They use dark wood furniture; they use many ornamentals in furniture and add colorful cushions and pillows to sofas and other seating. In South India the styles are entirely different. They use solid wood to make furniture and they want heavy looks to the furniture. They used many floral carving works and used plain seats for sofa and other seating and in south Indian furniture design you feel the influence of Portuguese, Dutch and British elements.

In the middle of the 20th century, furniture slowly became parts of the houses. At that time local carpenters made furniture for the entire house such as sofas, tables, dining tables, bench, wardrobe etc. They used solid wood which lasted for many years. The end of 20th century and beginning 21st century furniture is affordable to normal people who are concerned about their furniture. They used well designed and solid furniture for their home. The designs of furniture have to change, introducing minimal designs which is helpful for people who live in smaller apartments and use multi functional furniture. Making and selling furniture has become one of the top businesses in India and we import and export furniture. We import leather couches from Europe and export our traditional designed furniture to their market. are you thinking which is the best furniture store in Kochi or which is the top furniture showroom in Cochin then you would not have to look any further than AHD furniture

The tourists from different countries create a big market for our furniture in different countries. They select and transport our furniture to their country and they love Indian designed furniture. Also, people in India love traveling and have traveled to many countries and seen a lot of house designs. When they construct new homes, they take influence from those designs. The history of Indian furniture is very vast and will continue in other blogs.

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