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Mid Century Furniture Design

Mid-century style is a very popular design style which we can successfully use in our home interior and furniture.  The mid-century design originated in the time period of the 1930s to 1960 and after 1980 it became the popular design style worldwide.  At ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR (AHD) furniture manufacturers in Kerala you can see the influence of the midcentury design style. It can attract the attention of the people. It is simple in design and crafted with elegance. At AHD, the wooden furniture dealers in Kerala, you can see all kinds of furniture trend in our store and the many varieties of furniture not seen in any other stores in Ernakulam.  At AHD the leading furniture store in Cochin you can get proper guidelines about the furniture. You can try different furniture combinations. We will set up the combinations inside our studio which is very helpful to you to make decisions. If you are interested to know more about the furniture and its histories this article will help you in selection and see some of the specific characteristics about the mid century style furniture.

Characteristic of Mid-Century Design

All design styles have specific characteristics that are different from other designs. Also, some of the designs have some common specifications. The characteristics of the midcentury design are given below. They are –

  • Simple furniture
  • Functionality
  • Combination of traditional and non-traditional
  • Use of color for visual elegance


Simplicity of Furniture

Mid Century furniture convey simplicity. It doesn’t have many ornamental works and we can use it in any format for the house. The main attraction of the design is that the furniture is made of solid wood, strong and durable for many years. AHD furniture showroom in Cochin deal with wide range of furniture collections from which you can select the best furniture for your home.

Functional Furniture

Mid Century design furniture can be used as a functional furniture. We can use this furniture to decorate the area very well with very minimalistic effort and plan. If we take diwan as one example, it is used for sitting and sleeping purposes, as a kind of multipurpose furniture. These designs are the perfect example of needy furniture. AHD furniture shops in Kochi offer the best of the furniture.

Traditional and Non-Traditional Combination

The ultimate advantage of mid century designs is that we can use it in any format in the house. The sofa, chest of drawers, dressing unit, coffee table and chairs are commonly used for houses. Most of the furniture is made of wood and glasses. Tables with glass top, coffee table with glass top, book shelf with glass door etc. are the perfect combination of furniture you can see. AHD furniture store in Ernakulam customized the product as per the customer request. You can easily approach us to make any design of furniture and we will help.

Color for Visual Elegance

Mid Century design furniture uses attractive colors of fabric. It can make a good visual impact.  However, in the Mid-Century Modern design style, like others that feature simplicity, visually interesting color schemes become more important one of fewer ways to generate focus. As a result, you will often see colors used to draw attention to areas of the room that the designer wants highlighted. AHD online furniture store in Kerala, you can purchase the furniture online through our website. We deliver the product across Kerala and you can enjoy shopping without any complicated procedure.


If you are looking for the best furniture shop near me, then you would not look any further than AHD furniture. We deal with the best furniture. If you want to fill your home with quality furniture then visit the AHD store. You can check and see all home furniture under one roof.


We are located In Kadavanthra in Ernakulam district and it is very convenient to come.  Kadavanthra is near to Kaloor metro station and Kadavanthra metro station. If you are traveling from Kalamassery, Kakkanad, Kaloor, Panambilly Nagar, Aluva, Nedumbassery, AHD is the best and convenient location for home furniture shopping.


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