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ANTIQUE HOME DÉCOR is a leading house of Teak and Rosewood Furniture from Kerala offering Exotic collections of Furniture striving to bring to you the best designs of Furniture crafted with a promise to last for heirlooms. Headquartered in Thiruvananthapuram, AHD has launched new furniture showroom in Chennai and Cochin.

AHD furniture is one of the largest furniture showroom in Kochi, Trivandrum & Chennai . We offer amazing designed home and office furniture which suits every kind of home or office you have.

We cover all price ranges and all requirements. We host a huge collection of furniture at all our stores. Visit either one of our showrooms either in Kochi, Trivandrum or Chennai and pick the furniture of your choice based on your budget and requirement.


Antique Home Décor offers classic designs of furniture, which is its Trademark Niche. The furniture are pieces of art and engineering. Space saving being our hallmark, we have crafted traditional carpentry to blend with Ergonomic Engineering, that offers high levels of comfort. If you are looking for the best furniture shop in Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram or Chennai with amazing furniture products and a wide variety to choose from, then AHD furniture is the place for you. AHD furniture with showrooms in Kochi, Chennai and Trivandrum. Our wide selection includes handmade decor, sofa sets, cots, wardrobes, divans, dining sets, crockery shelf, tables, chairs and other accessories. Our furniture will stand the test of time since it is made with the finest teak wood & rosewood. What we look to do is get you the best furniture to suit your pace. There is a huge birth of world class furniture and high quality furniture in the market. Come visit our furniture shops and showrooms and you will see why we are different. Every single one of your furniture needs will be met and you will keep coming back for more.

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Shopping experience at our furniture showroom.

Shopping at our furniture shops is an experience on its own. Friendly and helpful staff greet you and help you find the right furniture suited for your needs. There is no point buying furniture which does not match your interiors or other décor. When you are buying furniture, it has to be the best kind in every way.

Since we have been running furniture showrooms ever since 19.., we have the experience needed to advice you on the best furniture you can buy. What kind of furniture goes well in your bedroom, what kind of furniture goes well in your living room, what kind of furniture goes well in your study. This is a very important question which needs to be answered very well in order for your home to be beautiful.

Now what makes this happen? Quality and aesthetics of the furniture you buy. IF you go for low cost, low budget furniture, you will end up spending more. Here’s how. Would you rather buy furniture which lasts a lifetime or buy new furniture every couple of years. Buying quality furniture is the key to save money for you & your family.

Our furniture looks fresh and new even after years of use. Even if you move, there is no need of brand new furniture. Our furniture will look just like you in your new home. AHD furniture is made from the finest wood. Both teakwood and rosewood is procured from high quality sources and is manufactured directly by us in our factory. This is what we are known for. Quality furniture which lasts a lifetime. Come and visit either one of our showrooms in Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram or Chennai so see the wide variety of choices you have to fit any need you have.

AHD furniture is synonymous with choices of furniture. Choices are the most important factor when you walk into any furniture showroom. The second you walk into our furniture shop in kochi, you will know what we are talking about. As for our furniture shop in Chennai, it is stacked with amazing designs for your home and our furniture shop in Thiruvananthapuram is one of the largest furniture shops in the city.

The other factor is location & accessibility. Our furniture showroom in Kochi is very accessible to anyone since it is located at the heart of the city. Our furniture showroom in Thiruvananthapuram is strategically positioned within the town and our furniture showroom in Chennai is in one of the best spots in Chennai.

furniture showroom of your choice

Over the years of being in the business, AHD has become synonymous with tradition, class and durability. Using only NILAMBUR teak and rosewood, it adds that touch of elegance to homes bringing in an old world charm and glory. We use highly specialized appliqués such as In-lay of Brass, Wood, Porcelain Tiles, Wicker Cane and also Mother of Pearl which adds colour and beauty to our furniture. We introduce the concepts of art, craft, functionality and beauty through our furniture.

AHD furniture is now one of the most sought after names if you are looking for furniture in Kerala or Tamilnadu and is quite possibly the largest furniture shop in Kerala, in terms of versatility of products. It has gained prestige even outside as it is one of the most reputed furniture stores in Chennai.

AHD furniture covers complete range of furnishing and interior décor services. There is no need to look elsewhere.

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