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Queen size bed from Teakwood Furniture.

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No more cramped family meals around a small table


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Teak Wood Furniture

Teak wood furniture: Unique teak furnitures for you home. Best in quality and durability.

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Original teak wood bed in best price. Order Yours Today

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Furnish your living room with this comfortable and stylish living room furnitures 

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Beautifully designed to perfectly fit any bedroom's decor.


A perfect blend of Traditional and Contemporary furnishing

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Customized Home Cabinet Design Made in Solid Teak Wood for Kitchen or Bathroom

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Get your best Wooden Teak Chairs for your kitchen chairs or bar counter.

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Finest custom-made mirrors in a variety of sizes and can customize as per requirements.

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Best quality Centre Tables Furniture and Kitchen Tables Online in India

Would you like to customize?

We provide customised wooden teak wood furniture of all types to suit all your home and office
requirements. Or you can choose from the furniture designs available in this website and give us your preferred dimensions/wood type/color shades (cushion) etc..Send us your Dream Furniture Designs, we will make it for you.

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Gorgeous designs and great customer service! 👍🏼
Ponni George
Ponni George
Antique home decor has a curated collection of colonial inspired furniture. The designs are very elegant and finished in good quality. We highly recommend this place 🙂
Shyam Kumar
Shyam Kumar
Worth visiting the antique furniture showroom which has lot of unique collections to give a facelift to homes. A must visit for home builders lookingnfor antique furniture.
Good customer service, beautiful products., Simple and elegant furniture.
Anil Kumar Vellimana
Anil Kumar Vellimana
Visited the Trivandrum Poojappura outlet a few times and they have a beautiful collection of antique and ethnic furniture, reasonably priced. We bought a few items too. Many of their collections are uncommon and more or less unique, sourced from different places in India, all displayed under one roof. Highly recommended. Thanks to Ambu Adityan and sales staff, it is always a pleasure to visit their outlet. Best wishes
L S Murali
L S Murali
We were searching for a glass corner stand in most of the furniture shops in Trivandrum. No one was not even understanding our requirements. Antique home decor could provide the exact type of the stand we were looking for. They got it made as per our requirement and delivered. Nice experience. The product looks lovely. Will recommend this shop to anyone looking for antique furniture
Raja Sakthivel Chockanathan
Raja Sakthivel Chockanathan
Bought Diwan three seater-impressed with artistic work, excellent collections and good customer service.
Sanjay Menon
Sanjay Menon
I visited ANTIQUE HOME DECOR a few weeks back,and I must say I am impressed.they got a great collection..if you are planning on getting antique furniture,don’t miss this place..the service is also commendable..I will recommend this shop to anyone looking for best quality home decor items..all the very best team Antique Home Decor 👍

Buy Teak Wood Furniture From The best furniture shop in kerala

Teak wood is a great material for furniture because it is resistant to water, termites and rot. It also has a natural oil that makes it susceptible to dents, scratches and stains. Teak wood is also a very durable material because of its hardness and density. Teak wood furniture can be used indoors or outdoors. The outdoor furniture can be used in the garden or on the patio while the indoor furniture can be used in your bedroom or living room.

Teak wood is very resistant to termites, and it also does not attract dust, so you do not need to worry about keeping it clean. It will last for decades without any extra efforts on your part. It is not very expensive, so you can definitely afford to buy some for your home. There are many types of teak wood Furniture available in our furniture shop in kerala, and they are all great options if you want to beautify your home.

Teak wood furniture can be classified into three different types, based on the material used to make it. These include:

Solid teak wood Furniture in Kerala

Solid Teak Wood Furniture is a style-setter for those who are looking for a classy and elegant look in their homes. The furniture made from teak wood is long lasting and durable that can withstand rough weather conditions. It is a great alternative to oak wood as it has better durability and strength. You can also choose from its wide range of designs which are available in various sizes, shapes, colors and patterns to suit your taste and budget.

Teak wood furniture comes in different styles such as Victorian, colonial, modern, country, contemporary etc. If you want to add a touch of class and elegance to your house then you should consider buying teak furniture. It is the perfect choice if you want to decorate your home with class and sophistication. When you buy teak furniture, make sure that it will suit the interior design of your house as well as the theme that you have chosen for it.

You should also ensure that the material used in making the furniture will be durable so that it can last for many years without any problem. The quality of the material used will determine the price of the furniture so make sure that you do not compromise on this aspect while buying it.

If you are planning to buy Solid Teak Wood Furniture, you should definitely try our furniture shop in Kerala. We are the manufacturer and exporter of solid teak wood furniture in Kerala. Our products are produced by skillful hands and experienced craftsman, with a touch of modern type of furniture that is suitable for your home decor. 

Teak wood with steel frame Furniture in Kerala

Teak wood with steel frame is a type of furniture that can be found in many homes around the world. The frame is made of steel and it supports the teak wood for durability purposes. The combination of these two materials creates an elegant and functional piece of furniture that can last for years to come.

Teakwood with aluminum frame Furniture in Kerala

Teakwood with aluminum frame is a type of furniture that combines the natural beauty of teakwood with the durability of aluminum framing. The aluminum frames help to keep the weight down which makes it easier to move around.

Browse Types of Teak Wood Furniture: The Luxury of Natural Wood

Teak wood is a type of hardwood that is often used for outdoor furniture. It is durable, resistant to water and insects, and has a beautiful color.

Teak wood is a type of hardwood that can be found in many different types of furniture. Teak wood is one of the most popular types of hardwood because it has many benefits. For example, it’s durable, resistant to water and insects, and has a beautiful color.

Teak Wood outdoor Furniture in Kerala

Teak wood is one of the most durable and weather resistant woods. It is also known for its natural oils that make it water resistant. Teak wood outdoor furniture is a great investment to make if you want furniture that will last a long time and won’t be affected by the elements.

There are many types of teak wood outdoor furniture available in our furniture showroom in Kochi

Teak Living Room Furniture in Kerala

If you want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your living room, then consider using teak furniture. This wood is a beautiful dark color with a soft grain that looks stunning in any setting. Not only does it make a great addition to any living room, but teak furniture also lasts longer than many other types of furnishings, so you can be sure that it will look great for years to come. There are a variety of teak living room furniture options that you can choose from. 

Teak furniture also looks beautiful in outdoor settings as well. You’ll find benches made with teak wood that look sharp outside on patios where they will serve as areas to put your drinks while you relax out.

Teak Bedroom Furniture in Kerala

You deserve the best of the best when it comes to your bedroom décor, and that means nothing but quality teak furniture. Not only is teak wood one of the most beautiful and durable woods on the planet, but it also has a host of unique properties that make it perfect for bedroom furniture. For starters, teak is a natural oil-stop, which means it prevents moisture and mold buildup. 

Additionally, it is a very light and soft wood, which means it will not add any extra weight to your bedroom furniture. If you’re looking for quality bedroom furniture that will stay beautiful for years to come, then choose teak wood!

Find Best Teak wood Wardrobe collection our in Furniture Shop in Kerala

Are you looking for teak wardrobes collection from a best furniture shop in kerala? AHD Furniture is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of high-quality wardrobe. Offering a range of furniture, AHD Furniture has been known for its premium quality items that include bed, bedside, wardrobe and tall boy. From traditional to contemporary designs, our teakwood furniture range is available in a variety of finishes and sizes. 

Stylishly crafted from wood, these wardrobes are sturdy and long lasting. Being popular among customers for the design, durability and affordable prices, teak wood wardrobe is easy to clean, dent-resistant and comes with a fine finish that makes it dust-free.

Furnish Modern living room with Teak wood furniture

Need to update your living room without breaking the bank? AHD Furniture offers a wide range of quality teak wood furniture that will upgrade your living room instantly. With styles that range from modern to traditional, we have something for everyone.

No matter what style you’re looking for, AHD Furniture has the perfect piece for you. We offer a variety of finishes and options, so you can find the perfect furniture for your home. Plus, our team of experts is always available to help you select the perfect piece.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you choose the perfect piece of teak wood furniture for your modern living room!

Study table teak wood furniture

Study table teak wood furniture​. We would like to introduce to you the study table with storage space and locker. This product is made in teak wood and you can depend on its durability and reliability.
It has beautiful design, great functionality and simplicity that helps to organize your space.

To see more our storage space study tables check our shop

Different Finish Options for Wood Furniture

Kochi, India: AHD Furniture, one of the leading teak wood furniture stores in Kerala offers different finish options for wooden furniture. We have a huge variety of wooden furniture to select from when you visit our store. But what makes our wooden furniture special is the finish option we offer. 

Yes! You heard it right, the finishings are not limited to just teak or rosewood finishings. We offer a variety of finish options, which gives you an access to have the product turned into your own individual masterpiece. The finishing options are not limited to just oil and varnish but also include painting over the woodwork, highlighting certain portions of the woodwork with paints, staining and a lot more.

Using Teak wood for outdoor furniture

Teak wood furniture is something that has a long history of being used as a garden furniture as well as an outdoor furniture. Despite the fact that wood is something that can be easily damaged and it tends to lose its color, these teak wood furniture have a lot to offer in terms of style and substance. Using teak wood for outdoor furniture is something that has a lot of benefits and it has been proven over time.

Teak wood furniture is something that is good for families because it can withstand the elements of nature and it can be easily cleaned and maintained. At the same time, it offers a lot of style and appeal.
It will be one of the perfect choices for having furniture in your outdoor area. 

Teak outdoor collection has also got some amazing outdoor living room sets from which you can choose the one that fits your budget as well as the space available to you. However, there are some facts that you should know about teak wood before using it for outdoor furniture.

Why you should consider buying teak furniture from Antique Home Decor

We at AHD Furniture understand the importance of teak furniture in today’s homes. Being an exclusive manufacturer, we offer an extensive range of teak wood furniture under the following categories: Outdoor Furniture, Indoors Furniture, Beds and Day Beds, Dining Sets and Bedroom.
Teak wood furniture comes in a variety of finish options – stain, lacquer and oil. The choice depends on a customer’s taste and preference but it should always be kept in mind that the finish can wear off with time.

So if you are someone who loves changing you furniture as often as you change your clothes – white finish will be just what you need. Whereas if you want a piece that shows its natural beauty over the years – the natural wood finish will do just right. Or if you want your furniture to retain its shine for a long time, then varnish will perform best.

  • A wide range of teak furniture for you to choose from

We have a large variety of teak furniture, from coffee tables, sofas, cabinets, beds and teak wardrobes.

  • Over 800 teak furniture to choose from

From the most popular teak furniture for bedrooms to dining room furniture, we have the teak furniture you are looking for. Shop teak wood furniture, beds, teak wood tables, coffee table, wardrobes, and other furniture to give your home a new look.

Best Teak Wood Furniture shops in Kochi

Antique Home Decor is one of the best and the biggest furniture shops in Kochi, Ernakulam. Headquartered in Trivandrum, AHD has launched one of its biggest furniture shop in Kochi in 2015 and now it is the one of the best furniture shops in kochi to buy latest and quality furnitures. Our furniture showroom in Kochi is very accessible to anyone since it is located at the heart of the city.

Best Furniture showroom in Kerala (Kochi), Trivandrum, Chennai & Bangalore

A blend of great craftsmanship, unique design, and high-quality wood makes us one of the most trustworthy choices when it comes to furniture in Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Our furniture is superbly built in our own factory from premium quality, Nilambur Teak which is sourced from sustainable, managed plantations.

If you are looking for quality wood furniture that will last for years, AHD furniture shops in Kerala are a great option. AHD furniture is a top-notch brand that makes high-quality wood products.

Buying from our furniture store in Kerala is an excellent choice for your home, living room and home furniture. as it uses the finest materials available. Additionally, you can purchase items online, which is convenient and easy to do.

Complete range of Antique Home Decor and Furnitures to buy online in India

Antique Home Décor offers classic designs of furniture, which is its Trademark Niche. These Antique furniture are pieces of art and engineering.

If you are looking for the best furniture shops in KochiFurniture shops in ErnakulamTrivandrumChennai or Bangalore with amazing furniture products and a wide variety to choose from, then AHD furniture is the best place for you. 

Best Quality Antique & Modern Furnitures

AHD furniture showroom is all about quality. AHD furniture is regarded as one of the best furniture showroom in Kerala. We make our own furniture and it is hand-crafted from the finest Teak and Rosewood and which ensures that our furniture lasts a lifetime.

AHD Kochi aims to ensure a wide array of furniture from Traditional to Modern, Antique to Contemporary, Living to BedRoom, Lightweight to heavy, Simple to Carved /Designed, types which satisfy the customer’s taste at an economical price. In Kochi, AHD is a household name already and it is aiming to scale new heights through its eCommerce website – online shopping launch in 2021. It’s not about just furniture sales for us, it’s about after-sales support too.

Our furniture rarely needs maintenance but if it does need it, we will be right here to do it for you. If you are looking for the best furniture shops in Kerala Reach out to us anytime for any queries you have about furniture.

Customized your furniture from one of the best furniture shops in Kerala

One of our specialities is we provide customised/personalised furniture to our customers at a very short span of time. You can grab your dream furniture by sending your thoughts or ideas or design to us. We shall make your dream furniture come true. If you want to know more about teakwood read this amazing article.

Why Choose Furniture From Kerala

Looking for furniture in Kerala? AHD furniture is the best furniture store in Kerala. We sell a wide range of furniture in Kerala, including bedroom sets, living room sets, dining sets, and more.

Kerala furniture is colorful, vibrant, and full of personality. The artisans who make Kerala furniture are skilled in the traditional craft of woodwork, and they use rare woods to create pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Whether you’re looking for a wooden chair, bed frame, chest of drawers, or any other piece of Kerala furniture, you’ll be sure to find something that perfectly suits your needs. With a wide selection of furniture and much more available online, it’s easy to browse through all the options. 

With AHD furniture, you can shop with confidence knowing that you’re getting quality furniture at a great price. Plus, our team of experts is available to help you choose the perfect piece of furniture for your home

Check out our website today and get free delivery within Kerala on orders over Rs 75000

There is no definitive answer as to which is the best furniture shop in Kerala as it largely depends on personal preferences. Some people might prefer to visit a high-end furniture retailer while others might prefer an establishment that specializes in home furnishings. If you wish to buy furniture made in original teak wood and rosewood you should definitely consider AHD Furniture in Kerala, Kochi.

There are many online and offline stores that sell Kerala furniture. To buy quality teak and rosewood furniture from Kerala visit our AHD shop in Kochi

Kerala furniture is a type of furniture that originated in the state of Kerala in India. The furniture is typically made out of wood, and features intricate carvings and designs. Kerala furniture is usually made from teak wood and rosewood, which are native to the forests of Kerala.

The price of a Kerala furniture piece can vary depending on its size and quality. Generally, items made with natural materials will be more expensive than those made with synthetic materials.

Our Kerala furnitures are made out of teak wood, rosewood and mahogany

Our Kerala furnitures are made out of teak wood, rosewood and mahogany

There is no one answer to this question as the best types of Kerala furniture for decorating will vary depending on the individual’s preferences and needs. However, some general guidelines that can be followed when selecting Kerala furniture for decoration purposes are to avoid pieces with elaborate carvings or high-quality finishes, as these may be too ostentatious for some homeowners. Instead, opting for simple and classic pieces made from traditional materials such as wood or resin may be more appropriate, as they are guaranteed to blend in with contemporary aesthetics.