Dressing table

Dressing Table

Dressing table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in our day to day life. It contains beauty and grace. Every day we spend a part of our valuable time in front of the dressing table. A well dressed person can address any one very confidently. You can keep your personal items such as cosmetics like perfumes, hair spray, lotions, makeup sets and fancy ornaments on your table. Dressing table comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes with drawers and a side stool.

At ANTIQUE HOME DECOR (AHD Furnitures), we have a good collection of dressing tables in our Cochin furniture gallery. We display both contemporary and traditional designs of  dressing tables. This is one of the best collections in Ernakulam. Most of the dressing table  is made of Nilambur teak wood and Nilambur rosewood. You can see the traditional Kerala carving work and grassy works. In our Kochi showroom also you can see classic examples of the best furniture. All of our products in Eranakulam showroom are well maintained and our staff will direct you to the best suitable furniture for your home. In our Kochi showroom we provide any kind of customization work for our customers. We have one of the best customization products available in Cochin today.

Some suggestions from our side for choosing the right dressing table for your home:

A complete furniture unit

You can purchase a full unit dressing table including the dressing stool and mirror. Choose the right size and shape. Dressing table always wants good leg space so that you can comfortably sit and apply make up. Also, be careful about the height and seating comfort of the dressing stool. Coming to the mirror, some mirrors are fitted on the wall while some models come with the table which can be selected depending on customer need and satisfaction.

Full mirror dressing table

Full mirror dressing table is used in smaller spaces like flat. It includes some drawers and you get a full length view. If you don’t spend more time getting dressed you can easily go for this design . You can store your items in the drawer of the dressing table

Variety/ style of the table

Now a days you can choose your required style of the table. Most of the dressing tables come in  traditional or contemporary style which blends with the  style of your house. AHD deals with both these styles. This is one of the best furniture mart in Ernakulam. Our Kochin showroom you can see a variety of styles. We use the finest beveled glass which can highlight your beauty. The handcrafted carving work in our dressing table depicts the artistry and skillfulness of our carpenters.

In our AHD ernakulam shop we display all categories of furniture. You can see the unique designs in our Cochin shop.  We focus on the  satisfaction of our customers and introduce the best unique furniture to the Ernakulam furniture market. Our management doesn’t compromise on the quality of the product and evaluates the entire process till we find the suitable product for the customers. We highlight our Ernakulam furniture store very well. Once you visit our shop you can evaluate our products and we can assure you that  we won’t disappoint you. If you need any help in furnishing your home we are here. We are  situated in the center of Ernakulam city.

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