Wooden Wardrobes

Looking for the perfect wooden wardrobe for your master bedroom? Discover the finest collection of luxury Wardrobes at AHD Furniture. Our stylish designs, complete with mirrors and ample storage space, will elevate your interior to a whole new level. Choose from a range of glass and wooden wardrobes, tailored to showcase your clothes in a luxurious and organized manner. Experience the ultimate in elegance and functionality with AHD Furniture’s Wardrobes.

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Looking for Stylish Wardrobes Online

Buying a wardrobe that fits your home is essential as they come with every feature you need and occupy a lot of space in your bedroom. As a result, it's significant that you put together or buy something lovely and useful that complements or enhances the overall look of your space. Likewise picking a brand-new wardrobe is a great approach to handle your bedroom's space problems, and closet furniture can hold a lot of items when it is carefully organized. A bedroom almirah can fit nearly everything, including books, purses, shoes, and accessories in addition to clothing and other items. The most important aspect of bedroom wardrobe designs, though, is to select the ideal one for your space. So, you intend to get a wardrobe online as well, we can assist you in making the best decision.

Things to remember for buying a Wardrobe or Cupboard

A wardrobe often has unique features that give it character and enrich your bedroom. But you need to consider following elements to make sure. That you purchase a top-notch wooden wardrobe.

  • Height : The standard size of a bedroom wardrobe is up to 7 and 8 feet. Anything less might risk your cupboard's storage capacity and ease of use.
  • Analysis of Space, Size, and Positioning: When buying a closet, the two most important things to take into consider are size and space. A bedroom wardrobe can have several designs depending on the space that is available. For instance, a slightly larger area can accommodate hinges closet doors, but a smaller size can only fit wardrobes with one or two doors.
  • Usability & Space for Storage: The majority of people make the serious error of not considering functionality when purchasing a wardrobe. In addition, a lot of people choose compact cabinets that are insufficient for accurately storing all of their possessions in order to maintain the room space. The absence of sufficient storage space causes the entire house to appear disorganized. As a result, investing in a wardrobe that fits all of your belongings comfortably is important. In order to more effectively organize your belongings, it is also recommended to get wardrobes with drawers that keep everything secure and clean.
  • Selection of suitable material: It's important to select the appropriate material for your bedroom wardrobe design. The most often utilized materials are solid wood, plywood, and engineered wood. But keep in mind that every material and design for an almirah has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is best to choose a wardrobe made of solid wood or plywood if you want it to be durable and last for years in your bedroom. However, if you're looking for a beautiful cabinet to go with a bed that is king-size, you can go with a sliding door wardrobe or a walk in wardrobe with more storage unit.
  • Design: You need to consider your wardrobe's style into review. It's crucial that your wardrobe complements the room's overall aesthetic in order to create an overall look. If the décor of your bedroom is rich in exotic details and has traces of Indian traditional style, you should choose a bedroom wardrobe that is equally beautifully crafted. A wardrobe with minimalist lines and geometric knobs would be an excellent option if your room is more sleek and contemporary.
  • Final finish of your wardrobe: The finish of your closet will ultimately come into play because it gives your space a refined appearance. The finishes that are most commonly used are solid wood finish, mirror, laminate, UV, acrylic, lacquer, and aluminum with glass. Furthermore, membrane and laminate finishes are less expensive and easier to maintain than other finishes.

Different Types of Wardrobes

Single door wardrobe

Single door wardrobe is mainly recommended to a bachelor or a single individual with a small apartment or with minimal space. we can customize single door wardrobe in different material and finish.

Wooden wardrobe

Wooden wardrobe is more expensive than other material used wardrobe when compared to other materials wooden wardrobe have longer life span. Natural finish of the wood gives an elegant look to the wardrobe. If you want a one-time investment in your wardrobe you should go for wooden wardrobe.

3+ Door Wardrobe

A number of a few entirely modern and space-efficient options for compact bedrooms. A three-door or more sliding closet with mirrors can provide an appearance of more space in a smaller area. Another option is a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with three doors or more, we customize as per your room size and requirement that offers more storage.

Are you looking for more space than normal three door wardrobe. You should really consider about the customization option that available in AHD FURNITURE. AHD provides wide range of customization offer to the customer with different material and budget friendly wardrobe with best quality and finish. From AHD you can make your own wardrobe that gives elegant and beauty to your room.

Wardrobe with Sliding Doors

Sliding door cabinet is the most used wardrobe in now days as their name indicates slide, along metallic rails attached to both the top and bottom of the almirah. These large, roomy doors glide sideways as opposed to opening outward, and they may be installed on a single wall. We can also give different finish to the wardrobe matching to our other décor in your room. These closets work best in bedrooms that aren't too big or too small, as well as in spaces that have already been painted and flooring installed. Rolling wardrobes are more space-efficient, have a more refined appearance, and require less clearance space than wardrobes with hinged doors.

Looking for dressing table wardrobe

Have you ever put on clothes only to discover that you look good or to get dressed properly You can accomplish two goals at once if you choose a wardrobe with a mirror.

The wardrobe can accommodate all of your clothes and accessories, and the built-in mirror will help you look put together and put together the perfect look. Additionally, you can avoid taking up room for a vanity or separate mirror by doing this.