A Wooden sofa set is a must have furniture for your living room. Our wooden sofas are crafted from high quality solid woods, which are lasting and provide a high level of comfort and style. These sofas go with any kind of interior design. Our collection of wooden sofa sets will be the best wooden furniture for entertaining guests and for family time. Browse our collection of sofa sets made in wood and choose one that suits your interior.

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Original price was: ₹ 164,900.Current price is: ₹ 88,000.

Benefits of buying a wooden sofa set

  • Wooden sofa sets have a natural beauty that other materials don't have. The natural grain and texture of the wood will provide a luxurious feel to your living room.
  • Wooden furniture is extremely durable. Our wooden sofas are made in solid woods such as teak, rosewood and mahogany which makes it durable and long lasting.
  • The comfort level of wooden sofas are very high when compared to other furniture.
  • Wooden sofas are very easy to maintain.
  • The resale value of wooden furniture is very high when compared to others.

Different types of wood used to make Wooden Sofas

  • Teak Wood: Teak wood is a well known hardwood and widely used wood in India for furniture indoor and outdoor making, especially in Kerala to make sofa frames. This wood is very cost effective and strong. AHD has the largest collection of Teak wood sofas in India.
  • Rosewood: Rosewood is another type of hardwood used to make wooden sofas and is brownish. Rosewood sofas give you a luxurious look and are used for high end wooden sofa frames. It is heavy and solid. The price of Rosewood sofas is high when compared to the price of teak wood sofas.
  • Mahogany: Mahogany is also a hardwood and is in reddish brown colour. Wooden sofas made in this wood is cheaper than Teak wood and Rosewood.

Factors to Consider before buying a wooden sofa

  • The size and layout of your living area: Before buying a wooden sofa, you should measure your living room area. This will help you to select a sofa which is right in size and shape
  • Seating Capacity: Think how many people will use the sofa regularly. If it's you or a couple, a loveseat or a three seater sofa will be enough. For larger families, a sectional wooden sofa will be a good option
  • Style preference: When buying a sofa, it should match your current living room interior. If you like a modern look, go for a minimalistic sofa. If your preference is a traditional look, a wooden sofa with wood words will be the best consideration.
  • Upholstery option: The choice of upholstery will effect the look of the sofa and your interior look as well. Leather sofas are sleek and easy to clean. Fabric sofas come with different colour and pattern options. AHD have the largest collection of wooden sofas with fabric cushions.

Different Types of Wooden Sofa Sets

  • Two seater sofa: A 2 seater sofa is the best option for small living rooms or apartments. It will provide a good seating space for two. It is a good option of couples or individuals living alone.
  • Three seater sofa: A 3 seater sofa is big and provides larger seating space. Ideal for large families. It can accommodate three people.
  • Five seater sofa: A five seater sofa is typically a sectional sofa that comes in two or more pieces. Great option of large living rooms and can seat five people. The combination of the sofa might be two seater and a three seater.

Caring for Your Wooden Sofa Set

  • Regular Dusting: Dust your wooden sofa regularly. Use a soft or dry cloth for dusting.
  • Use of wood polish: To maintain shine and protect the wood from damage, apply a good wood polish every few months
  • Avoid direct sunlight: The chance of wood cracking is high when exposed to direct sunlight. So, keep away from the direct light of the sun.
  • Upholstery Care: Vaccum your upholstery regularly. For leather upholstery, use a leather conditioner to prevent it from  cracking
  • Immediate cleaning of spills: Using a soft cloth clean the liquid spills on the sofa immediately to prevent stains
  • Professional cleaning: Consider getting your sofa professionally cleaned once a year to maintain its look