Wooden Sofa Sets

Transform your living space with our stunning teak wood sofa set Kerala models. Handcrafted with the finest materials, our pieces are the perfect blend of elegance and comfort. Shop now!


Arabian Wooden Sofa Set In Rosewood

 148,400  192,900

Heritage Wooden Sofa Set in Teak Wood

 128,850  167,500

Ring Wooden Sofa Set in Teak Wood

 82,700  107,500

Ring Wooden Sofa Set in Rosewood

 93,300  121,300

Square Wooden Sofa Set in Teak Wood

 86,900  113,000

Square Wooden Sofa Set in Rosewood

 93,300  121,300

Ritz Wooden Sofa Set in Teak Wood

 60,000  78,000

Italian Ring Wooden Sofa Set in Rosewood

 94,300  122,600

Empire Wooden Sofa Set in Rosewood

 148,400  192,900

Arabian Wooden Sofa Set in Teak Wood

 137,800  179,100

Grill Wooden Sofa Set in Teak wood

 84,800  110,200

Nano Wooden Sofa Set in Unnam

 31,800  41,300

Imperial Wooden Sofa Set in Teak Wood

 140,000  182,000

U Wooden Sofa Set In Teak Wood

 33,500  43,600

Grill Wooden Sofa Set In Teak Wood – G2

 44,500  57,900

A teak wood sofa set is one of the most beautiful and attractive pieces of furniture in my house. It is a great combination of comfort and style. It has that natural wood finish that you can enjoy the luxury in your home. The best quality wooden print sofa set will make your life easier by providing more ways to relax, entertain and be creative.

As far as style goes, teak wood sofa sets are the best. I’m sure you have heard of them too but did you know much about them? To be honest, there is more to them than meets the eye.

Teak Wood Sofa Set: Buy Teak wood sofa set made in teak wood Online at Best Price

The teak wood sofa sets are a great way to add style and comfort to your home. The teak wood sofas come in different designs, sizes, colors, shapes, and finishes. They can be used as an accent for the living room or the dining area. Some of them have storage space underneath which makes it easy to store some things. You can also use these teak wood sofas as a coffee table. There are many types of teak wood sofas available in the market. These include the traditional ones, modern styles, contemporary furniture etc.

The best place to buy cheap wood furniture is online because you get to see all the options that are available. This means that you will not only find what you need but also save money on the process. If you want to buy cheap wooden furniture then you should consider buying from online stores. It is important that you choose a reliable site when purchasing wooden furniture online.

Handmade Wooden Sofa Design: Craftsmanship meets Comfort

Discover our unique handmade wooden sofa designs that perfectly blend craftsmanship and comfort. Shop our collection now and experience the beauty of natural materials in your home

Find your perfect 3+1+1 wooden sofa set today!

Our extensive collection of 3+1+1 wooden sofa sets offers a variety of styles, colors, and materials to suit any taste and budget. Browse our selection today and find the ideal combination of comfort and style that will transform your living room into a cozy retreat. With competitive pricing and excellent customer reviews, you can shop with confidence and get the best value for your money. Upgrade your home décor with a beautiful wooden sofa set from our collection and enjoy years of comfort and style.

Choosing The Right Wooden Sofa Set For Your Living Room

Choosing the right wooden sofa set for your living room can be a daunting task, but with some careful consideration and research, you can find the perfect fit. Your living room is often the heart of your home ? it?s where family and friends gather to relax, unwind, and spend quality time together. So naturally, you want your furniture to reflect both your style and personality while providing comfort and functionality.

A good starting point when searching for a wooden sofa set for your living room is to think about what style suits the space best. Are you going for a modern or traditional look? Or maybe something in between? Take into account factors such as color, shape, size, and material. Consider how much use the sofa will get ? if you have kids or pets, durability may be a top priority.

When selecting your ideal wooden sofa set for your living room, keep in mind that this piece of furniture should not only look great but also feel comfortable. Look out for features like cushioning support and armrest height to ensure maximum relaxation. You may even want to take measurements beforehand to ensure that the sofa fits comfortably within your designated space.

Purchasing a wooden sofa set for your living room requires an investment of both time and money; therefore, proper maintenance is essential to prolong its life span. Regular cleaning using appropriate techniques ensures that dirt does not accumulate on upholstered parts of the couches. Additionally, placing water-resistant covers over them during damp weather helps minimize damage from moisture.

In conclusion, choosing the right wooden sofa set for your living room takes careful thought and consideration. However, with these tips in mind, you’re sure to find one that matches both form and function while adding value to any space. In our next section on maintaining wooden sofas sets we will explore simple ways to keep it looking new throughout its lifespan without breaking the bank or requiring too much effort on your part.

Buy teak wood sofa set for living room

A living room is the most important and one of the most visited places in your home. It is a place where you spend quality time with your family and friends. It is important to decorate this place with the best furniture pieces stylishly to add a touch of sophistication and comfort to it. For this reason, teak wood sofa sets are considered as a perfect addition to living rooms.

These days, you can get a wide range of teak wood sofa sets online as per your requirements and budget. The teak wood sofa set designs are available in different colors, styles, and materials to meet your specific needs and preferences. You can get a teak wood sofa set price online according to the size and style of the furniture pieces you choose for decoration purposes. You can also buy a teak wood sofa set online in India made up of teak wood or rubber wood at affordable prices.

If you want to give a lavish look to your living room, then buy a teak wood sofa set online made up of Sheesham or Teak Wood that will enhance the overall appearance of your living room elegantly. These types of teak wood sofa sets come with an additional seating option in the form of an ottoman that makes these more comfortable and luxurious as well. So, if you are looking for a perfect sofa set online in India from ahdfurniture.com and affordable prices

Things to Consider when buying teak wood sofa set online

The best way to buy a sofa is by visiting a furniture showroom or browsing our website but if you are not near one of these places, then it’s time to look into buying a sofa online. Here are some tips to guide you when looking for a good deal on teak wood sofas:

  1. Make sure you know what type of wood you prefer before shopping.
  2. Look for the right size and design.
  3. Search for discounts and sales.
  4. Compare prices among several stores.
  5. Read reviews about the product you chose.
  6. Check out how easy it would be to assemble the sofa.
  7. Ask friends and family for recommendations.
  8. Visit websites regularly to find new deals.
  9. Be patient while waiting for delivery.
  10. Choose a reputable company.
  11. Consider using a professional installer who knows how to handle heavy items.
  12. Use a delivery company that has experience delivering large items.
  13. Order only as much as you require and remember that a full sofa takes up a lot of space and requires special care during assembly.
  14. Ensure that the product you purchase is sturdy enough to withstand daily usage and occasional rough handling.
  15. Remember to check whether the manufacturer offers warranties for the product.
  16. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the product and its features at the store where you bought it. 17) Always read the instructions provided with the product carefully before assembling it.
  17. After you have assembled the sofa, do not forget to test its durability, comfort level, and ease of maintenance.
  18. Before finalizing a purchase, always try it out yourself.
  19. Finally, enjoy your purchase and keep it well maintained!

teak wood sofa set designs Online

The best teak wood sofa for your home depends on what kind of furniture you want to create. If you want a modern look, then go with a solid wood teak wood sofa. But if you prefer a more classic style, then go with a faux leather sofa.

l shape teak wood sofa set: An L shape teak wood sofa is a unique piece of furniture designed for a modern living room. It has a curved backrest and a flat seat, which makes it comfortable for relaxing while watching TV or reading. This piece of furniture is perfect for any living room, whether it is small or large.

Teak wood sofa set with storageTeak wood sofa With Storage is a modern design for living room furniture. This innovative sofa has two compartments underneath for storing books and other items. The sofa also has a hidden compartment under the seat cushion for additional storage space. This unique design makes the sofa perfect for both stylish living rooms and homes with limited floor space.

Corner teak wood sofa set: : Another popular design is a corner teak wood sofa set with matching chairs on each side. Corner sofas allow you to utilize space more efficiently and they also provide extra seating when needed because they can be pushed back against walls or other furniture items without blocking any part of your living room area

Teak wood sofa set with bed: A sofa bed is a type of furniture that can function both as a couch and as a bed. This allows people to sleep on their sofa without having to spend money on buying two separate pieces of furniture. They are usually placed against a wall. A sofa bed has at least three legs. It can be used either as a single bed or as a double bed.

Traditional teak wood sofa set designA traditional teak wood sofa is the best choice if you are looking for comfort, durability, and longevity. This type of furniture has been around since ancient times. They can last for hundreds of years if taken proper care of.

Teak wood sofa set designs indian style: Indian furniture has been around for centuries, and is still used today. The beauty of these pieces is that they are made from natural materials such as wood, stone, and leather. These types of furniture are also known as ethnic furniture and are often used in homes where the owner wants to create a rustic look.

Teak wood sofa set Models Online

wooden sofa set two seater: A 2-seater sofa is an ideal choice if you have limited space or just one person needs to sit down. It’s also perfect for entertaining guests!

wooden sofa three seater: The most basic design for teak wood sofa sets is a three seater teak wood sofa set with two chairs on each side of a table. This sofa set has been in use since ancient times and it still looks great today!

wooden sofa 5 seaterThe 5-seater teak wood sofa comes with a solid wood frame that provides stability and durability. This piece of furniture can be used as a cozy seating area for your home or office. The soft cushions are filled with polyester fiber, making them comfortable and durable. You can use this piece of furniture for years without worrying about any damage.

wooden sofa 4 seaterA 4 seater teak wood sofa is a great choice for a living room because it provides comfort and style. The best thing about a 4 seater sofa is that it has space for everyone to sit comfortably. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere in your home, then choose a 4 seater sofa.

advantages of buying a teak wood sofa set online.

  • You can buy a sofa set online at a lower price than in stores.
  • You can choose from various styles, colors, sizes and designs.
  • You can get free shipping if you order over Rs 75000

why buy wooden furniture sofa from ahd furniture

The teak wood sofas available at our online shop have been designed with a variety of features including the following:

  • A number of colors to choose from.
  • A choice between seat options.
  • A choice of fabric material.
  • A choice for wood type.
  • A choice to add cushions or mattresses.
  • An option to choose from different sizes.

A sofa is the most important piece of furniture in our homes, and people are spending a lot of time and money on their selection. If you are looking for a teak wood sofa that fits your home interiors, then you should go for Teak Wood Sofa Sets. There are different types of sofa sets available in the market and also online at AHD Furniture

The high-quality teak wood and modern designs of these sofas add elegance to your living room. At AHD Furniture, we use premium quality of teak wood material to provide you with the best quality teak wood sofa sets. Some of the most important features available in our teak wood sofas are listed below:

  1. Durable: The solid teak wood material used to manufacture our teak wood sofa sets is highly durable and retains its quality for a longer time.
  2. Finish: We provide an attractive finish to all our products; there are two types of finishes available – honey and walnut color finish. You can choose from these two finishes based on the color scheme and interiors of your home.
  3. Comfort: Our Teak wood sofas are designed by expert craftsmen, who ensure that the furniture is designed in such a way that it offers maximum comfort along with style.
  4. Design: All our teak wood sofas come with unique designs, which will surely make your living room look elegant and stylish.
  5. Elegant Look: Our teak wood sofas are made using premium-grade teak wood, which gives them a beautiful appearance. These sofas are not only suitable for indoor use, but they are also great for outdoor purposes as well.
  6. Easy Maintenance: Our teak wood sofas are easy to maintain and clean. They do not require any special care

You should buy a teak wood sofa set which suits your needs and budget.

There are various types of teak wood sofa sets available in the market. Some of them are made with hardwood while others are made with softwood. Both have their pros and cons. But if you want to choose between these two then you should consider the following factors before buying one.

  • If you want to buy an outdoor furniture set, make sure that it is durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • You should buy a teak wood sofa set which suits your personality and lifestyle.
  • If you are looking for a long-lasting product then go for hard wood furniture.

You can go through the different types of teak wood sofa design online available in our store and then decide which one suits your needs best.

buy best teak wood sofas at AHD Furniture

  1. Made from premium wood species, including teak, mahogany, cherry, walnut, oak, maple etc.
  2. All of our sofas are handcrafted by our expert team using traditional techniques.
  3. Our sofas come with a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.
  4. Free delivery anywhere in Australia.
  5. Great value for money – we have some of the best prices around.
  6. Easy returns process if not completely satisfied.
  7. Fast shipping – we ship within 24 hours after payment has been received.
  8. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  9. Customer service available via phone or email.
  10. Quality assurance program in place to check each item before leaving

Buy Teak wood sofa set models from Kerala

When you are looking for a quality teak wood sofa set, you will want to purchase it from a retailer that is based in Kerala. This is because the teak wood used in the construction of these sets is of the highest quality and is often used in luxury furniture. Additionally, the workers in Kerala are skilled in the art of woodworking and are able to craft beautiful teak wood sofa sets that are sure to impress.

When you purchase a teak wood sofa set from a retailer in Kerala, you can be sure that you are getting a product that is of the highest quality and will last for many years. Not to mention, the prices charged by these retailers are often much lower than those charged by retailers elsewhere. So, if you are looking for a beautiful and durable teak wood sofa set, be sure to purchase one from a retailer based in Kerala.

Which wood is best for a sofa?

Sheesham wood and teak wood are both very strong woods which is best for sofa furniture.

What all factors should one consider before buying a sofa?

– It is vital for one going ahead with the sofa set design to check for the shape, size and material of the sofa set keeping in mind the space available. Go for thorough research on the qualities of the sofa set design, colour, fabric, upholstery, leg styles, and arms.

What type of sofa is ideal for the living room?

Depending on the size of the room, one should ideally choose a sofa set design. Sectional and designer sofas are best suited for larger rooms, but an apartment requires a three or four seaters sofa set design. Check out our collection of sofa set design ideas in ahdfurniture.com

Which sofa set is preferred by most of the Indian households?

A three or four seater couch sets fulfils the need of a nuclear family. A sectional sofa set designed in wood and fabric is preferred by joint families.

Which is the most affordable sofa set?

Modern three seater sofa sets are relatively cheaper than the other ranges of offerings. Check out our latest offers and sales.

What is a modern teak wood sofa set?

Modern wood furniture pieces are those that have been designed with the latest trends in mind. These sofas and chairs are built to last, which means they can be used for years to come. The designs of these modern pieces are meant to stand the test of time.

How much does a 3 seater sofa cost?

Sofa sets range from $500 to over $2000 depending on the style, quality and materials used. Sofa sets are generally more expensive than couches as they tend to be made of higher grade wood.

Do I really need a new sofa?

Sofa’s are a necessity in every home, especially when it comes to living spaces. They add a warm, welcoming look to any room. With their multiple uses, they can be used as seating, dining table, bedside tables, coffee tables and many others.teak wood sofa setwooden sofa 4 seater